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.300 AAC Blackout, .300 BLK, 7.62x35mm
1.356 - 1.360 O.A.L.
The .300 Blackout is based off of a shortened 5.56x45mm case that is necked to .30 caliber. For AR-15 platform rifles and pistols it only requires changing the barrel to go from 5.56 to .300 Blackout. The Blackout's main purpose is to be used at subsonic velocities in suppressed firearms. Many bolt action and single shot rifles are now being produced in this caliber as well.

Box Size:
•  250 ($70.00)
•  500 ($130.00)
•  1000 ($240.00)

Status: Order Now - Ship Date: 05/31/2017

The reloading industry is experiencing unprecedented demand on all component categories, and we at Starline are doing our best to produce the highest quality unprimed brass possible to satisfy our customer's orders. During this time of extreme demand, we are asking our customers to place orders now to assure the quickest shipping date possible. All orders are shipped based on the date of order. If shipment of your order is held due to backorder, the pre-authorized amount of your order is put on hold and reserved against the credit limit of your card and will remain there until shipment is made and your card is charged. Please place your order now and be assured we will fill it as quickly as possible with the high-quality unprimed brass you expect from Starline. Thank you for trusting Starline.

.308 Winchester, .308, 7.62mm Nato, 7.62x51mm
2.002 - 2.009 O.A.L.

The venerable .308 Winchester has made quite a name for itself since it was first introduced in 1952. The .308 and its military equivalent, the 7.62x51mm Nato, is a very efficient cartridge that has excellent ballistics, while still being fairly easy on the shoulder. That, and its inherent accuracy have kept it thriving as both a competition and hunting caliber.

Box Size:
•  250 ($116.00)
•  500 ($199.00)
•  1000 ($376.00)

Status: Available Now

1.998 - 2.003 O.A.L.
One of the newest members of the .308 Winchester family, the .338 Federal was introduced in 2006 by Federal and Sako. It is capable of acheiving the same muzzle energy as some magnum calibers with less recoil.  It also fits in standard length short action rifles and AR-10's without sacrificing magazine capacity.  It hits harder than the .308, and shoots flatter than the .358 Winchester, making it an excellent choice for a close to mid-range hunting caliber.  One thing to consider when selecting hunting bullets for the .338 Federal is that most bullets available in .338 caliber were designed
for higher velocity cartridges.  Generally bullets under 200 grains or ones specifically designed for it are your best option for hunting.  Check with your bullet manufacturer of choice for their recommendation.
**Not all .338-08 wildcats were chambered the same and may not headspace correctly with factory .338 Federal brass or ammunition.

Box Size:
•  250 ($145.00)
•  500 ($270.00)
•  1000 ($500.00)

Status: Available Now

2.003 - 2.008 O.A.L.
Based on the .308 Winchester, the .358 Winchester was introduced by Winchester in 1955 for use in lever and bolt-action rifles.  While it had not seen the widespread popularity as the other .308 -based cartridges, its brush busting capability still makes it an excellent choice for hunting any of North America's big game.  With the recent rise in popularity of AR-10 style rifles, the .358 Winchester is starting to be chambered in it because the .358 gives the AR-10 just a little more thump than the .308 Winchester.

Box Size:
•  250 ($150.00)
•  500 ($285.00)
•  1000 ($540.00)

Status: Available Now

2.210 - 2.215 O.A.L.
The 444 Marlin was introduced in the mid- 60's to give their model 336 Levergun a boost in horsepower.  Over the years the .444 has been offered in a number of rifles and even a few pistols. It is another caliber that is seeing new life due to the changing game laws in many states allowing straightwall cartridges for deer hunting where they were previously limited to slug guns and muzzleloaders.

Box Size:
•  250 ($150.00)
•  500 ($280.00)
•  1000 ($540.00)

Status: Available Now

1.693 - 1.697 O.A.L.
The 450 Bushmaster was designed as a close range, big bore hunting caliber for the AR-15 platform.  As with most AR cartridge conversions, it only requires swapping out the upper receiver. With the introduction of some new bolt action rifles in this caliber and many states changing game laws allowing straightwall cartridges for deer hunting, the  .450 Bushmaster is enjoying a surge in popularity.  Ruger now offers their American Ranch and Gunsite Scout bolt action rifles chambered in the .450 Bushmaster caliber.  This cartridge utilizes the common .452" diameter bullet, reloaders can use bullet weights anywhere from 160-350+ grains.

Box Size:
•  250 ($167.00)
•  500 ($309.00)
•  1000 ($593.00)

Status: Available Now

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