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Starline Brass - Customer Feedback

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V.Lane Kint From Pa


RE Submit Testimonial. Had an issue with the bulk count on my 10mm brass. It turns out that the other supplier was at fault. I had a very quick response from Amanda on this matter !! Very polite and right on the problem to make things right. Even tho it was not Starline fault. I received the missing brass Yesterday. Starline is a Great Company. THE QUALITY OF THE BRASS IS RIGHT ON WITH THEIR STAFF. U can count on Starline brass and their people for all your reloading needs. Believe me, as we all know that is hard to do in this day and age. Their rating from 1 to 10. Would be a 12. Thanks again Amanda & Starline

John M. Church From Concord, NC


Starline has been my go to brass for years. You get what you pay for and customer service is excellent. Ordered some new .223 Rem. which arrived before anticipated. I believe this was the first time I had ordered new in this caliber, usually purchasing once fired from elsewhere. I was surprised to see that my standard load of IMR3031 was trying to climb out of the neck. Having just finished loading 700 pieces of once fired I knew where to expect the powder to be. Measured the Starline, just shy of "trim to length", perfect. Ok, brass must be thicker, giving less internal volume. The added pressure took my load from 2900ft/sec to 3030ft/sec with 55gr Sierra. For me, I just need to back my load off a couple of grains and recheck. In my view this is a good thing as long as we understand what is going on. This thickness will allow me many additional reloads over the thinner wall stuff. Thanks again, Starline.

Mark Lineberger From OK - Oklahoma


I have used the Starline brass in all my pistol calibers from 9mm to 45LC and I have to say it's the Best thing out there. No problems with the brass ever splitting or cracking after repeated loadings even with .357 and .44 magnum. Keep up high quality Starline:)

Jay Unruh From California


Im a avid hand loader, last week I pulled a 44 special out of the safe and shot a box of my standard load a Keith style 255g SWC over enough 2400 to give me about 1000fps out of a 4 inch barrel over my chronograph. Today I processed the brass and reloaded it for the 12th time! Primer pockets are still tight. No hints of case-head separation signs no split necks despite the heavy belling I use to cleanly seat the .432 sized slug. This is hands down the best brass I have ever used. It was purchased near 10 yrs ago. I don’t now how Starline stays in business with a consumable product that last this long.

Michael Dawley From Sun City, AZ


This brass is by far the cleanest and the most consistent quality brass that I buy, Starline is my #1 go to brass source. If you are looking for "The Best for the money Brass" look to Starline you wont be disappointed.

Kevin Moore From New Mexico


I’ve been reloading since 1978, seen and used all kinds of brass from well known to the unknown. I started using Starline when I needed new brass and my normal go to couldn’t be had, or if it could was priced insanely high; this was for a standard rifle caliber, not an odd-ball. I’ve been exceptionally happy with Starline brass and a friend who uses only match brass using the same load could not believe I was getting comparable groups. In my opinion, Starline is superb brass no matter the caliber and easily equals match brass at a substantially reduced price.

Michael Johnson From Seabeck, WA


I use Starline Brass for all of my BPCR rifles. 40-65, 45-70, 45-100, and 50-90. It is the most consistent brass I have ever loaded. That is important in competition reloading.

Mike Thorn From Chino Valley, AZ


I have been hoping for a number of years that you would begin producing rifle brass in both 30-06 and 300 Win Mag. Still hoping... I use Starline brass exclusively in .45 for bullseye competition and pin shooting. It has never failed me. Thanks for a great product.

Lucas Nutt From Buffalo


I found Starline brass at Cabelas one day when I was looking for another brand. The first thing I noticed was that the bag seemed heavier. I asked the clerk if he could weigh the bags. The Starline bag was heavier so I went with it. This brass is nearly indestructible! And it cleans up to like new using a regular old tumbler with walnut media. I'm glad that I found your product that day. Since then I have ordered several different calibers direct from your factory and never had a problem.

Herbert Jeffords From Ohio


Have used your products for many years. Never had a single bad piece of brass. If it is Starline it is the best.

Daniel N Wick From CA


Superb brass and most important is Starline makes 458 SOCOM brass and each bags seems to have a couple of extra cases; that might be my good luck. I use 45/70, 454 Casull, 222 Rem, 375 mag, 38 Special and will soon be purchasing 45 acp, 9mm and 380. Thank you Starline!

Abe Mesler From Kansas City KS


I have been using Starline brass for the .357 Magnum and the .44 WCF since 1997. Naturally, when I acquired a .41 Magnum last year, I immediately ordered Starline brass for it, as well. Best handgun brass available!

Tom From Nevada


I received my shipment of 45 Cowboy Special brass today, one day sooner than expected. Not only is Starline brass of the highest quality, they always seem to toss in a couple of extra pieces with the order. They may do this to guarantee against shortages, but the real benefit is to the handloader who now has some brass which can be used to adjust the reloading dies without risking the brass that will be used for "production". No more worries about having a box of 99 rounds instead of 100 should one piece be damaged (or lost at the range). This may seem like a little thing but for some of us it makes the distinction between a good supplier and a great supplier.

Jim Crownover From Lubbock,TX


I have been using Starline Brass in my old Colt 32-20. Excellent quality!

Mike SWanson From Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503


Funky, Funky Xmas is the worst. Great brass in all calibers., recently been playing with 357 AR stuff and your .223 unnecked stuff is perfect. Mike

ken boone From 64788


i have not had any problems with my Starline brass,and i have used Starline alot. Awesome brass at a fair price.

Derek Rice From Gallatin,TN. 37066


Just started reloading, 357 mag/380/300BLK/7.62X39. Find that Starline is best quality for the price. Thanks for your high standards. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Roberto From Pietila


Best brass around. Have bought brass from .327 federal mag to 50 SW. Always performed great.

John Riis-Christensen From 95301


I use Starline brass for 45 LC, 45 S&W Schofield, 44 mag and 357 mag. It is well made and is consistent in length.

richard ansel From nelsonville


bought 380 auto brass. great stuff at a great price.

Charles Polley From Cody wy


Starline brass is great, I use it for the following 454 casul,500 Linebaugh,45 colt,500 s&w,460s&w,

BrianFfarrer From Ione,ca


For you Martini .310 cadet shooters the starline 32-20 can use Lee 7.62x38 Nagant dies for reloading.You can use RCBS 120 heeled bullet.

Maurice (Hank) Jordan From Birmingham, AL


I just received my order of Starline brass for my AR-15. The brass is perfect. Perfect overall length, perfect neck OD and perfect flash hole. Just a little deburr of the neck (normal for new brass) and good to load. Great price for a great product.

James Twiggs From Bradenton, Fl


After having to uniform new 10mm "brand x" brass in every respect, I broke down and bought some Starline nickel plated and regular brass. What a relief to NOT have to clean up behind sloppy manufacturing processes!! THANK YOU for a great product. I have some 223 brass on the way!

John Funk From Fall River Mills, CA


I reform .32-20 to .25-20 as well, however, because of the thin wall, .32-20 reformed to .23-20 does not neck size down sufficiently to hold either cast or soft nose bullets well. They tend to fall into the case causing difficulty in removing the bullet. I, as many others do, hope that at some point Starline will manufacture .25-20 brass which has become extremely popular what with the vast interest in lever action silhouette shooting.

Dave From


Great brass and fast shipping as well. What more can ya ask for, will definitely be buying direct from Starline again!!

Michael Turner From Cloudcroft, NM


I was sent a sample of the new Starline 30-30 brass for testing. I shoot the 30-30 in a bolt action rifle, so I wanted to push the brass very hard to look for a weakness. I ran loads that simply can not be listed in this review for safety reasons. I could not make the brass fail. The brass was very high quality. The necks averaged .0092" thick, and were more uniform in thickness than any other 30-30 brass I have ever used. The primer pockets were snug, uniform in depth, and flat in the bottom. The flash holes were clean punched with little to no burr. The case web is about .005" thicker than a standard 30-30 case. This falls between the standard 30-30 and 375 Winchester web thickness. Because of this, I did see about 1 grain less powder capacity than a typical Federal 30-30 case. Since the 30-30 is normally loaded to low pressures, there is no real concern over the slight pressure increase, but as always, work up loads to maximum pressures with caution. If you are an experienced reloader, you can safely run a little higher pressure in the modern lever actions, such as the Marlin.

Joseph Leighty From Southwest PA


I've been reloading for over 50 years. In the beginning there were only a couple of brands, namely the main ammo manufacturers. Over the years I have loaded more calibers than I care to think and have gone through thousands of brass casings. I started noticing casings left behind at our club's Action Pistol shoots that had two stars connected with a line. I investigated and started trying Starline pistol brass. I quickly found them to be the best loading and longest lasting pistol casings I had encountered. I now use only Starline pistol brass and have started using their rifle brass in calibers they offer though they haven't started producing all the calibers I use but I am patiently waiting for the gap to close. I have only found one issue in all the time I've loaded Starline brass and that was in forming some wildcat cartridges. I had to anneal the case in order to get their heavy brass to reform into the new case shape. I won't fault them for that as the problem is they make serious heavy duty cases and case manipulating is tough in this case. I highly recommend all of their brass and only wish they would make even more calibers as I would buy them in a heartbeat. Thanks Starline for your wonderful contribution to the loading fraternity!

Bob From Ohio


I am a well schooled and well seasoned reloader with 52 yrs exp. I was introduced to your brass when the brand I use was out of stock. My friend said, "give it a try, you will be glad you did". I have not used the other brand since. Every single bag of brass comes with one extra. The other brand usually has a few in every 100 count unusable. I have yet to find one single piece of brass from you faulty. Please continue the quality product your producing as is. Quality control in any product keeps the faulty pieces in house. Your brass also has long use life. The first batch I purchased one year ago is still in use except for one witch I damaged so the freebie was lost, dang me. Thanks, Starline for one fine product. I would shake all your hands if I were there in person. Today I restocked my supply for future use. You now have a new loyal customer, to deal with.

Darryl From Pennsylvania


Before I got into reloading, I had purchased several brands of .44 Magnum ammunition. One of these brands uses Starline cases. When I finally took the plunge and started reloading, I found that the once fired Starline brass was superior in EVERY way to the brass used by the big brands. It loads nicer, handles pressure better, and extracts so much better (assuming the same powder charge, primer, bullet and seating depth, and trim length). For the calibers that they offer, I will use NOTHING but Starline from here on out!

Eric From Norco, Ca


I have used Starline brass for years, in .38 Spl, .357 Mag, .41 Mag, .44 Spl, .44 Mag, .45 Colt, .45 Super, .45/70 and .454 Casull. Starline brass has always sized, loaded, and cleaned up well, lasting for more reloadings than just about any other brass manufacturer's products do. Consistent performance throughout the caliber range I shoot, I won't go anywhere else for brass in these calibers. Load safely and shoot safely!

Scott Redfern-Peterson From Joplin, MO.


This is my second order of 357 magnums. I have had no problems at all. Excellent product.

frank From


starline brass is the only brass ive purchased for my pistol calibers since the late 90s and i just discovered there are rifle calibers available that i didnt know about while window-shopping through midway and accidentally finding them. i need 30-06...when are you going to make that?

BD From MN


I used the Starline .223 basic brass to form 7 TCU cases for my new Contender. Ran them through the full length sizing die then trimmed to length with the WFT2 and loaded. No fire forming needed. First batch of TCU brass that I've ever done and so simple. Thanks Starline!

recklesswhisper From California!


Top of the line quality. Using Starline for .224 Valkyrie and 6.5 Grendel. All Good! ^..^~~

Steve Craig From louisville ky


If you shoot 38 Super and 10mm you need to know Starline. The best brass you can get !

Tim Glascock From IL


Received the 50 ae brass a while back started reloading it man your brass is awesome thanks guy for a great product at a good price for 500 hundred pieces. I recommend it to anyone. Thanks tim

Bryce Sutton From Missouri


Around 1985 I got a catalog in the mail from Midway. They were running a special for .357 brass from a company called Starline. I had never heard of them but Midway was a good company so I ordered 100 pieces. I was satisfied with the cases and over the years went on to buy more of their products. Last year I was preparing a bunch of mixed brass for my cast bullet loads and ran across a bunch of that brass from 1985. They loaded up and shot like they were new, and I am sure they have been loaded dozens of times in the last 33 years.

EDWARD BERGEN From Hazleton Pa.


I'm 78 years old an Been shooting most of my life, when Starline started making brass I bought some probably 44 mag. and I have been buying it since, I ordered a 50/90 Sharps from Pedersoloi an Brass for it from Buffalo Arms. Well I got the Rifle an a call from BA they said that Starline was still testing the brass, I found a site that had 50/90 Bertram Brass $3.00 each Would not fit in the rifle so I had it with them and I finally got them to work and then here comes my order from Starline $1.04 each they fit perfectly from the get go, I scrapped the Betram an I lived happily ever after. Thank you Starline.

Chad Thompson From Kansas City,Missouri


Best products I have ever purchased for reloading, You wont find any better, I will always buy reloading items from them. By far the BEST!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!

RJ From Pennsylvania


I started with 50 pieces of Starline 44 Special brass and after 30 reloads I have 48 left. That is phenomenal. All said & done it is costing me $5 to reload a box of 50. I now have proof to show my wife that I am saving money.

James Young From Pa


Just had to say your brass is top of the line. If reloaders are not using your product, shame on them. It just doesn't get any better than STARLINE. My kids and grand sons now will only use this product we all love it. Thank you.

Bill Jordan From Mississippi


Best brass I have bought!

Anthony G Stratman Sr. From Missouri


I have been purchasing Starline brass for over 20 years, never disappointed.

William J Miner From


Loading 6 calibers, I find Starline the absolute best brass in consistent weight & dimension. Brass quality & resilience allow maximum case life. Shipping is always fast & Starline staff is quick to answer my questions.

Rick Royal From Bessemer, Al


Been using starline for the last 15 years best on the market.

Robert Augeri From


I have used Starline brass for my .380 and my .357 and my recent order from Midway .243 brass as I am still waiting for it to arrive. Personally I think it performs just like most of the top brass manufactures. When I receive my .243 I will weight it to see how consistent it is from one casing to the next and the OAL.

Eric Burkhead From Puyallup, WA USA


I am very impressed with the useful information that Starline provides with each brass description, and also with the referrals and contact information for other vendors who can assist with that particular cartridge. Keep up the good work!

Matt S From Madison, Wi


I have used Starline brass In 38-55, 45-70, 45-100,45 acp, 41 mag. ALL of there bras has out lasted ANY of the competitors brass!! I started getting case head problems at 36 reloads in my 45-70/45-100, Im at 27 on my 41 mags and still no problems!!! Thanks to you all for keeping quality first!!! God bless!!

Tom Stearns From Bark River, Michigan


Love your products!! If it were possible it would be the only one I would use! How about a strait 30/30 for us wildcatters!!

Bob Shell From Arizona


I have used Starline brass for years and in many calibers. I have measured & weighed a lot of brass and Starline is the most consistent. I do a lot of brass forming which is a way to test brass quality by case loss and Starline has a lower loss rate then any other brass I have tried. I make many odd rounds so I have a good handle on how brass brands compare. If you want the best brass for the money then Starline is the brand to buy.

Bruce Rebechini From Yorkville, IL


I started reloading rifle ammo for my long range guns about a year ago. I now have been using .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor and 308 Win Starline Brass and have found the quality excellent. Like many other reviews when people ask what brass I use the response is Starline. Can't beat the quality for the price. I also like the reloading and shooting Great Shots News Letter. Good information and it doesn't come out so often that I don't want to read it.

Gary From PA


Starline brass is top quality at a reasonable price, especially in hard to find calibers such as .455 Webley. Customer service is great and the website is easy to use and informative.

Dale Allen From Laguna Seca Range Monterey County CA


I can’t say enough good things about Starline Brass. Number one the price is right, other brass is way too much money for what you get. With Starline you get quality brass at a fair price and I at least run 10 to 15 reloads through mine before I box it and buy another batch sometimes more. I usually box the whole thing when a few of them start to split on the side but like I said, that maybe six months or year later depending on how much you reload and shoot. As a cowboy action shooter you want good brass, when each misfire is a five sec penalty every round counts. I love you guys, keep up the great work! - Sgt. Dale Allen(Retired) At present- Rangemaster Laguna Seca Peace Officers Range

Tony Bowman From McRae Ar


I’ve used your brass for just about everything for about ten years now. It is a great value and the quality is superb. Thanks for all y’all do.



I have used Starline brass in many various calibers for more than 15 years. It has no equal. I've used it in everything from the 38 spl through 45-70 gov. I have used it with full power loads in my 44 mag. Even with multiple reloads, I've never had any neck splits or any other problems. Thanks Starline for great products.

Andrew Jordon From Longview, WA


Far and away the best new brass money can buy. I use your brass for all of my harder to find calibers and I love that you are always adding new hard to find calibers to the lineup. For new brass there is no better place to go than Starline in my personal opinion.

Niko H. From North Carolina


I am retired military officer. I am all about precision and accuracy. I have used your products for a few calibers I use on a regular basis. I have measured and weighed a few casings as I go about my reloading. I have found that your product is consistent each and every time. So perfect that I didn't have to trim or resize the casings when I started my reloading process. One word to describe your products, "Outstanding". I will be a lifelong customer.

Michael Shuey From Lebanon, MO


My brother Justin ordered 500 cases of .243 for my .243 A.I. The brass arrived quickly on my doorstep. The first thing I noticed was how robust the brass seemed to be in comparison to my Lapua brass. Upon further inspection I noticed that the Starline brass deviated in weight no greater than my Lapua brass did. It was easy to segregate into two large groups based on a single grain deviation. Furthermore, when fire-forming the cases, I had incredibly tight ES and SD. As a result, my groups at 250 yards were .4 to .6 MOA...while fire-forming! Once fire-formed there are no surprises, just consistency and accuracy. I have discovered that Starline is my new favorite brass and I will never go back to European brass as long as Starline makes what I need. Thank you Starline for a superior product.

Tim Glascock From Carmi Illinois


Just wanted to say thanks guys for a great product rifle and pistol Brass you manufacture is beyond a great product I am well satisfied with all the Brass you make no problems with any of it thanks so much for a great product. Wow

Bob Maerdian From Placerville, CA 95667


I have been using Starline brass for several years now. I have been using 40-65, 30-06, 32-20, 32-40, and 7.62X39. I was sort of disappointed when the 40-65 got shorter rather than longer after firing, Much of the 32-20 gets reformed to 25-20. I find that the 32-20 reforms to 25-20 very well and I really like the 25-20 for working over pests and ground squirrels. I really like the price and quality.

John Diehl From Nevada


Starline always brings to mind an image of the way an American business should be run. Quality products are delivered in a a timely manner at a fair price. I have reloaded for the last 60 years and would have been grateful had they been around since I began. Thankfully I am not in a position, so far, where my life must rely on my ammunition, but if I were Starline would still be my very first choice.

Peter J. Kolovos From Des Plaines, IL


When I shot a lot of PPC and Bullseye I used your .38 Special brass exclusively in my Model 52 Smith & Wesson and my Kilhoffer built PPC revolver. I also used your .45 ACP brass in Bullseye. As a handgun hunter, I can't tell you how happy I was that you brought out your .414 Super Mag brass which I use in a 14" Contender rechambered by Mike Bellm. I shot my second Black Bear with the .414 SM. Thank you for making a quality product.

Steve Larson From Out in the desert


For years, the bulk of my reloading has been with expended military rounds. It is so nice to have quality brass that is not too thick, or have primer pockets that need to be de-milled. Quality brass I can depend on. Thanks for such high quality brass.

C J jacob From U. S. A.


Starline Brass is the best brass I have used in 36 years of reloading. I have tried all of the available brass out there and shooting 5000 rounds a year of various pistol and revolver calibers has taught me that an American company that stands behind it's product is a valuable asset to the 2nd amendment right that we all take for granted. Looking forward to rifle brass intro.

Gene Gibson From WI Dells WI


Best brass around heavy duty and consistent and always a great value star line is always my first choice for my reloading brass give them a try you won't be disappointed.

Danny Rumney From Georgia


I have used 300 of the 10mm brass and found that right out of the bag, these brass fit the ammo gauge perfectly and did not need sizing in advance of loading. What a great product and speaks volumes of how well Starline produces its products!

Terry Willis From Aurora, NE


Consistently high quality. I will recommend this product line to my friends. Quality components are essential to produce excellent ammunition. Joining these products with Hornady bullets produces great quality at a reasonable cost.

Tim Fox From McAllen Texas


When I started reloading, my friend and mentor suggested Starline. I took his advice and purchased 1000 cases each for my 40S&W, 10mm, and 45ACP. Over the next fifteen years I have used these cases to load thousands of rounds without a single problem. When I had a problem with my Dillion loading dies sticking when removing the expander, Starline fixed my dies for free, even though it was technically Dillion's fault. Can't say enough good things about these people.

Jack Spillman From Montana


As a participant in the great Montana multigun championship, I wanted to thank your company for the support and prize donation given to the shooters in the match in August. Your company makes superb equipment, and these kinds of matches flourish because of what you provide. Please continue your support not only of this match, but all of the others your wonderful company contributes and donates equipment, time, and funding to. I was not fortunate enough to win your prize, but I wanted you to know Starline brass is by far the finest cartridge brass made anywhere. I tell anyone who asks, if you purchase brass, buy Starline. I shoot about 20,000 rounds a year and go through a lot of brass. Too bad I was not the winner, I could really have used some new rounds. Sincerely Jack Spillman, Montana

Zach From


I have used many kinds of brass. After 15 years of reloading and being an ammunition manufacturer, I have found Starline Brass is the way to go. I specialize in high pressure pistol ammunition and I get the most use and best results out of Starline. My biggest complaint about other brass is the inconsistencies. Different OAL, off center flash holes, incorrect primer hole size, and generally weak brass. Worth just going to Starline even if you save a few pennies else where.

Herman Oberkrom From Ohio


I have been loading since 1962. I just finished loading 1000 .357 mag cases and these were the best and easiest cases I have loaded. I hope my 44 mag, 44 spec, and 45 colt are just like the .357s

Steven Widmer From Allen, Texas


Outstanding Product, best I have ever used. Great for reloading cowboy action load. Friendliest and helpful people when you call to place orders and ask questions. I will buy more when available to purchase

Mike From Newport News Virginia


This brass is great. I've been using .38 Special for a while now and I've had absolutly no problems at all !!! The last .38 Special +P brass I bought was on first use - primed,case mouth belled, powder asdded , bullet seated and that's all. All this brass has been mic'd by me ( was a apprentice machinist back in 1972 and stayed a machinist until a industrial accident stopped that in 1984 ) . Really good brass. I will buy all the brass I can from Starline !

Mike Driscoll From Clyde Texas


I have ordered and used .380, 38 super, 45 ACP, 45 Rim, 44 Mag, and 9mm. This brass holds up well, its a little thicker than most of what you get so it really does well. The only problem I've had with any of this brass is getting it back! For some reason - it just doesn't come home. I guess that's what friends are for! Thanks for a great product, well worth waiting for! Mike

David W Flenker From Minneola, FL


All I can say is these people are great. Great product, great delivery time. They actually sent my order earlier. I had purchased 40 S W cartridges for reloading. Forget buying previously used brass. This is what all reloaders should use. I'm from the midwest KS/MO and we had a saying about Missouri "show me" And this company did. I will be ordering more from them in the future. Thanks Starline Brass, great job, great product.

Mark pirozzoli From Topeka Kansas


Used 45 lc for heavy loads with no problems! would like to see you make rifle brass 223, all standard & mag cal!

Bob Shell From Arizona


I have used Starline brass for a long time and always found the quality to be superior. One measure of brass quality is making it into another caliber as that frequently puts extra strain on the case. Starline always holds up well under these conditions.

Marc Cooley From Phoenix, AZ


Purchased for my 7.62x25 so I could load it hot to Hornady specifications. Works fine, no issues, had to go to an 18lb Wolf spring to get my CZ-52 to return to battery. HOT SETUP with max loads is not an issue with this great brass.

Daniel McGarrah From Centerfield, Utah, USA


I have been a shooter/reloader for more than 50 years. I owned and operated a gunsmithing shop for many years. I have used Starline brass for reloading to use in target practice, load development, competition and hunting. Caliber ranges from 38 special to 500 S&W Mag. The reliability and quality has been EXCELLENT! My first choice in brass. PS; I have killed 5 mule deer with a 44 mag using my custom loads with Starline brass. 8-)

Mark S Wilson From Roswell New Mexico


Just recieved my 10mm brass today, little over a month ahead of schedule. Once again you have exceeded my expectations. Great prices and wonderful service on top of first quality brass. Thanks again for a job well done. Mark S Wilson PS Any chance you will ever produce 577 Snider brass?

trapper52 From Katy, Texas


Funny how things work out. Years ago after a pratice session at the range, I inadvertantly picked up some Starline brass and of course it got put in the "other" pile but still reloaded. After number of reloads, I began to notice that these were holding up better than my "go to" cases. Now I seperate the Starline and the rest go in the other pile. Just purchased some .45's for the new SA addition to the family. In these days of backorder or just outright not available the shippment was actually shipped a day sooner than quoted and received right on time. Looking forward to reloading this fine product.

Daniel Jamerson From Arnold MO


My brother and I have purchased Starline brass(1000 44 Magnums) they have performed flawlessly to our satisfaction. If you are looking for great brass you have found it in Starline! Keep up the quality work guys!

Gerard Lee From Philippines


the most durable brass i have ever used!

Dennis From Wisconsin


I purchased 250 rounds of Starline .44 Colt for use in Open Top copies. This brass was loaded with 200 and 215 grain bullets and Trail Boss powder. This is exceptionally good brass, well-finished and to uniform dimensions which needed no case preparation such as trimming or primer pocket uniforming. Prior to this, I purchased 500 rounds of Starline 38-40 brass, which I am still trying to wear out. I love this stuff.

Victoria Wagner From Scottsdale, Arizona


Starline Brass is our preferred brass for our restored original Gatling guns. Whether we are doing a show for Prince Charles or the next generation of Voters, we can count on Starline Brass to help us deliver another exciting exhibition.

Lyndon Smaltz From Ohio


Wow! Received a surprise notification of my 45colt brass tracking no. Good customer service.

Scott From SE Oklahoma


Excellent brass. I just received 1000 9mm and was very impressed. These were the most consistent brass I have ever loaded with. The primer pockets were perfect and game the exact same feel with every primer seated. There were no burrs on the case mouths or flash holes I inspected every round and only tossed one due to a dented case mouth. They sent a few extra so I got my moneys worth and then some. Thanks Starline!

Scott McFadin From Dallas Tx


This is the cleanest and best performing brass I have found. I have reloaded it multiple times and there has been no cracking and no visible wear. Keep up the great work!

Nate From Elkhart IN


I have been using Starline brass in my 45colt. Over five reloads and it still looks like new. Just excellent brass.

Warren Patton From Olathe, KS


I love all your brass. My Dad uses it more than me (I'm still adding!) but currently use your .44 Russian, .44 Special., .44 mag., .357 mag., and 10mm! Not only is your brass excellent, it makes me feel good to order from someone local. In addition, your customer service is EXCELLENT, Thanks for your speedy replies!!!

Keith V From New York State


To all the people at *Starline*, Thank you for a wonderful product, I purchased my first cases from you in 1998 in 10MM some of the cases are on there 9th loading!, a testament to your quality control, since then I have purchased all my brass from you in 12 calibers. thank you again for your fantastic cases!

Richard Stafford From Bluffton, SC


I have used starline brass in 9mm, 40s&w, 38, 357, and 45 acp when I was shooting in matches back into the 1990's. I still like using it today even though I am no longer shooting competively. The brass has continue to hold it's shape even with a 12-13 year break from shooting in pistol matches. Their brass is very consistant through out and quality shows in the amount of reloading you get in return. I just wish to see starline make some calibers for rifle.

Mike Mccuskey From Idaho


Have ordered and used several thousand brass in different calibers of starline brass. This is the best brass I have ever used. In all of the orders I have yet to have a rejected piece of brass. I would reccomend this to any reloader looking for high quality and dependability. Excellent customer service also.

Ryan C. From Harrisonville, MO


Absolutely love starline brass works great lots of uses out of every case and not far away from me! Thanks guys keep doing a good job!

Pat Murphy From Alabama(Roll Tide)


I picked up range brass and bought various different brands and wound up with a batch of mis match JUNK. I finally woke up one day after trying to keep all this brass trimmed to the same length and ordered a batch from Starline. I did'nt know my guns would shoot this well!! Best move I made in a while. Great people to do business with and they do'nt gouge prices when demand changes----very important to us handloaders. Thanks Starline for filling a big spot for us that roll our own. Pat Murphy

Dave "Mongo" Miller From Pagosa Springs, CO


Starline Brass has been a huge supporter of Cowboy Fast Draw Assoc. ( since we started. Last year - 2012 - our Cowboy Fast Draw club, the San Juan Shootists ( hosted the Colorado State Championship. We needed .45 LC blank brass for our event and Starline came through with flying colors!! Yes - we probably could have borrowed other brass from other clubs for our event, but we have always preferred Starline due to their consistent quality and their support of the shooting sports. THANK YOU!! Starline Brass. Dave “Mongo” Miller Founder and President San Juan Shootists, LLC Cowboy Fast Draw Club Pagosa Springs, CO

Dick Teeter From Fort Worth


I acquired a Colt Commander 38 Super about a year ago. I ordered 500 pieces of Starline brass at the same time. I pulled out 100 cases to use in developing a load for it. To date, most of the 100 cases have been loaded 27 times. Not a single split neck, split case, or any problem with any of them, except I think you taught them to run and hide when they hit the ground!

Bill chamberlin From Ohio


Starline Brass is top notch. I've ordered 45acp 44mag 357mag with no problems at all. Except everything is on backorder, which really isn't a problem. I guess it's called high demand. If I lived close to the starline factory & was out of work I'd be putting in an application. But I do have to say all my orders have been flawless & the count is always correct, if not over correct. 2 thumbs up!!!

Christopher J Riker From United States


I just fired approx. 200 rounds of 7.62x25 ammo loaded in your brass that a friend of mine was nice enough to "loan" me. I shot it through a Polish PPS43 and a pair of CZ52 pistols. I was quite impressed, so much so I just ordered 500 rounds of brass from you even though their on backorder. It was loaded with 110 grain CJRN plinkers and it all worked well. The brass was on it 4th reload and still looks like new. I'm picky about all my components but you sold me! I'll be back for more brass as soon you start getting more back in stock. Most Sincerely, Christopher J. Riker,

Mark johnson From Northwest Oregon


Very consistent & ready to load right out of the box.I don't use any other brand of straight wall brass

Brian Payne From Maryland


I use Starline brass for reloading. I am very active in Cowboy Action Shooting. The 45 long colt brass is excellent to reload. I have reloaded 10 times so far and no problems at all. I use the CCI and Winchester large primers. You won't go wrong parnter. AKA Whiplash Willy

Jim Beery From St. Augustine, Florida


The finest brass I have ever used. I am a cowboy action shooter and enter monthly tournaments and need very reliable ammo starting with the brass. Absolutely no jams in my rifle or pistols. Thanks again for your quality.

Thomas Delaney From Minneapolis, MN


Well, I have a handfull of Starline brass (.45 LC) that has surrendered. There will probably be more before long. This brass has been full length sized and reloaded at least 60 times! It polishes up like gold and has never let a primer move. Starline is the best there is ........ period. I separated all my brass into "Starline" and non-Starline. I save your stuff for serious shooting!! Tom Delaney

Nat S. From Carlsbad, CA


Starline team, Bought your product in April 1993 and still have some .44 magnum and .45 ACP left from then. They have been in St. Paul, MN temperature -50 F through Dallas TX 105 F and of course now ~ 20 years later in CA salt and moist weather. They (99%) look almost like the day they were bought (a few with small dark spot) in it's original box sent by Starline 4/2/1993. It is inspiring to see an American company made in the USA with quality products that stands the test of time. Please keep this up and stand proud on your quality and accomplishments. Best regards and thank you, Nat S. Engineering Executive

Ray From Alaska


Thanks, Folks, for finally producing the .327 Federal case. I've had a heck of a time finding the cartridge in Alaska, and when I do, it's very expensive. Now I can reload cast bullets with high-quality Starline brass. Ray

Tom From Mesquite, TX


I have been reloading for many years, the only brass I use, for my pistols, is Starline! Just the feel of it is so much better than any others. I will continue to use Starline Brass! I hope someday I can get Starline Brass for my 30-30 also.






Ain't no use in wasting a bunch of air and words.You just can't find a better brass.

Ronald Call From Jacksonville,Fl


I have purchased brass from you in the past and I am just giving you a heads up on quality, which I know from experience is the best. My son Ricky Call just purchased 500 .357 Mag brass , for me and I have just full length sized 53 cases to reload, and find that 7 do not measure up to the 1.280 trim length. they run from 1.275 to 1.278. Please check this out for others, and I will mail you the seven if you want them..Not a big gripe, just think you need to check this out, and thanks. Ronald, The SAAMI specification for the length of .357 Mag is 1.270"-1.290" and our advertised length (as seen on this site) is 1.275"-1.285". The Trim-To-Length found in most manuals is just a suggested length to trim to if your brass has gotten too long. You can read more about this in our Frequently Asked Questions. Best Regards, Hunter Pilant Process Manager/ Chief Ballistician

Frederick Farnow From West Des Moines, Iowa


Brass is excellent, customer service is excellent, prices are excellent and it's a pleasure to do business with your company for all my reloading needs.

Dillon From Bend, OR


This is an awesome product, ive been an avid shooter and handloader for almost fourty years. My brothers and I all reload and so do our sons and grandsons, All of us buy Starline and always will. But in a pinch it pains me to to buy anything else.

George From Texas


I got some 460roland brass from starline for my new carbine ... the only thing lacking was a nickle plating (I do like shinny ammo) When mating a hornady FXT with a nickle plated 45-70 it's a thing of beauty ... IMHO , Starline produces the finest nickle plated brass on the market

Richard Ostheimer From Indiana


As in the past Starline comes through again. Great product and great customer service. I just received over 5000 cases of several different calibers. They came boxed very well and when the boxes were opened the contents were in perfect condition. I have been using Starline brass for many years and have some 44 Special that have been loaded (although target loads) more than 8 times and have yet to have a cracked or unusable case. Starline, good work.

Dan Chapman From Wisconsin


I started buying your 38 Special, 357, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and 45 Colt brass three years ago, and all I can say is that Starline brass in simply the best! As a test, I bought 500 cases of 45 Colt and attempted to see how many times the first 100 cases could be reloaded. Each case has been FL sized and fired 10x with cowboy loads in a SAA without any problems. Then I loaded the same 100 cases with H-110 and 300 grain Sierra JSP's approaching 44 Mag pressurs in a Marlin 1894 rifle with no problems. I went back to loading the same 100 cases 4x more with cowboy loads, and they're still going strong. I've given up on trying to wear them out. I find this all to be very impressive. Please keep up the good work! P.S. I wish you made bottle neck cases in all rifle calibers.

Bishop Ammunition Manufacturing From North Highlands California


Starline is the only 45 Colt brass manufacturer that we can trust for not only our Cowboy Action loads but our standard loading as well. We have rejected zero casings from Starline. We have had zero issues in the commercial loading process. We will only use Starline Brass for our new made ammunition.

Eric Ljung From N. Carolina


Man, this .50 Beowulf, .45 Super and 10mm brass of yours ROCKS! Not only is it good from the box but after multiple reloads it's still going strong! I've yet to have a case fail from weapon mangling or experimental hot loads. Also, not only is your price great but your quality is well above what you would expect at those prices! One question... when can we see "2nd tier" and other less popular RIFLE brass? 6.5 Grendel (aka .264LBC) is little more than resized 7.62x39 and with decent quality cases from Honady ($0.36/1K) to overpriced AA & Lapua (topping $0.98/rnd) there might be a market for that... 6.8 SPC as well (Rem brass is incosistant in quality) and of course the growing popularity of the .300BLK (resized 5.56)... lots of potential biz for Starline not to mention classic brass like 8mm Mauser, .303 Brit, 7.7Swiss and others for surplus military rifles out there. In this day of skyrocketing ammo prices and a rise in the number of handloaders/reloaders... maybe it might be a good business decision for Starline to expand their quality brass beyond pistol cases? Anyway, ROCK ON STARLINE! Keep making the best brass in the market and I'll keep buying em up! Hooah!

Richard Ostheimer From Fort Wayne IN


I use the following Starline brass, 38, 44 special, mag, 45 ACP and Colt. I have some Starline brass in 44 special that have been reloaded over 10 times and still going strong. Starline’s brass is of a very high quality and there customer service is top notch. I just received an order for over 5000 cases of several different calibers. All arrived in perfect condition and the packing was great. I also appreciate the sales woman that I talked to, she suggested that I split the shipments to reduce the insurance which was then cheaper than sending it all in one shipment. Starline you have my business, keep up the good work.

W Clark From Salt Lake ut


One thing reloedrs like is consistency!!! I got tired of paying more money for Winchester brass only to find all the case lengths differing. This makes an extra step (time consuming too) to trim cases uniform. I've been buying Starline for last two-three months appreciating uniform case lengths, affordable prices, and good quality! Don't Change your buisiness model Star Line, it works

bill k. From nampa,id


since i found about and started using starline, i dont need to look around for anything else. top quality, and many happy re-loads. congrats on a quality product, in all calibers.

Bill Patterson From Simpsonville, SC


Over the last 30 months I have ordered from Starline 3 times involving combinations of .38 special, .357 magnum and .45 ACP in lots of 500. Your phone people are knowledgable, efficient and courteous. The brass was shipped timely and...get this...ACCURATELY, meaning that I was not shorted 2-3 pieces as is COMMON with another brass manufacturer purchased through the big supply houses here in the southeast. I have yet to detect a single flaw in Starline brass. And...your on-line ordering catalogue is the best I have seen yet. It is concise, informative and clear. You would almost think it was designed by a ...reloader! This reloader is grateful there is a house that has pride. My only fallout with Star is that you don't make .223 Remington, 7.63x39 Russian, and the grandaddy of them all... .30-06 Springfield. Keep at it.

James Smith From JMJ Smith Ammo Inc., Rockford, IL


It’s this simple – we use ONLY Starline brass for all of our new product lines whenever absolutely possible! We do a lot of less-than-popular, cowboy actions calibers, and only Starline brass holds up to our demanding production needs.

Dave Williams From United States


best handgun brass

Eric Jamois From San Marcos, CA


Hello, I want to acknowledge the outstanding quality of your support. Hunter was kind enough to work through some issues I was encountering that actually related to differences between reloading dies rather than your brass. He sent me his own Hornady die and worked with them to resolve the problem. I was very pleased with the resolution offered. Thank you. Eric, San Marcos CA

Gerald Ulrich From Dunlap, IL


I've been using Starline .45 Schofield brass for over 5 years of cowboy shooting, and I have yet to split a case. Rotating through about 3000 rounds of brass. Very consistant and tough stuff. Thanks!

Pete From Excelsior, MN


I reload for myself and several friends in 9mm, 38spl, 357mag, 40s&w, 45auto 45super, 45COLT, 44mag, 10mm auto and 500 beowulf. Use nothing but Starline brass, the quality is outstanding has an excellent price and it's make in the USA. What more could you ask for? Pete

Mike From North Carolina


I would highly recommend Starline brass to anyone, I have ordered this brass in 500 S&W and 357 mag. Excellent price and quality is awesome. The 500 brass is super strong and all pieces were same size. Once again excellent products from Starline. Will continue to buy from and spread the word of an awesome product. Plus super fast shipping!!! Mike North Carolina

Dana Stull From San Jose California


To whom it may concern, please forward this to B Hayden, Sales and Marketing Mr./Mrs./Ms. Hayden I am sitting down to fill out the gift certificate generously donated by you and Starline Brass, to the Briley West Coast Steel Challenge competition last week. As I am sure you are aware, the folks attending this event cover the range of shooters. Most are volume shooters who reload. Much of the conversations were focused on reloading equipment and supplies. As we gathered for the final distribution of prizes I spoke to several gents who use your product. They informed me that they were won over to your product from your competitors. Their comments were all positive towards your quality and service, including the handling of minor complaints with delivery or order errors.  When the time came for me to choose prizes I therefore searched for any that included your product. Many of us are product loyalists. When we find a good product, we like to stick with a winner. I am looking forward to receiving brass using the fifty dollar certificate and giving them a whirl. Thank you very much for your generous support of our event and the great prize I was so lucky to receive. Good Shooting and be safe! Kindest Regards DA Stull

wayne stegiel From helmetta nj


Hi guys &girls, just want to thank you for gift and being a sponsor at the s&w northeast speed on steel match. i won a 50.00 certificate and added a check to buy 1000, 9mm caseings. i couldnt belive how fast i got my order! I loaded 500 rounds with no problem on a 550 dillen. your brass kicks ass!!!

Jamie Kitchen From Shelburne, Ontario, Canada


I load 357 magnum for my Ruger Blackhawk using heavy, long cast gascheck bullets. I have noticed with some competors brass that I needed to resize the loaded ammunition due to the brass bulging at the bottom of the bullet and had several incidences where the round was too tight to fit into the chanber. I tried Starline brass and I have never looked back. I have loaded hundreds of hot rounds with never any of the issues that occured previously. Thank you.

BM Salameh From Bakersfield, CA


I first learned about Starline brass at the gun range when I a friend suggested it was the best for reloading. I purchased my first order of 10mm Auto, and sure enough, it was quality proven, after 4 loads, they were still good. Since then, I have ordered 45/70 Gov, 44 Mag, 357 Mag, 38 S&W, and 45 Autorim. All products have been flawless, functioning as they should. The brass is durable, first quality, made to the correct specs, and the folks at Starline have always been great at getting the order correct, on time, every time. With personal service, excellent workmanship, reasonable pricing, and a good work ethic, what more can we ask for from an American company these days, when others are outsourcing and cutting back on QC. Proud to say Made in the USA. I hope they stay that way.

Andy From Georgia


"Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your 45 Colt brass and am very pleased with it. I think that it is far superior to the other brands and is more consistent and durable."

Dan From California


"I shoot 38 super comp, so there's not a lot of places for me to buy brass. I'd try some off brands to save some money, and boy was that a big mistake. My gun must have jammed at least 20 times at the match. The next match I want back to Starline and did not have one problem. Thanks and keep up the good work."

Todd From Illinois


"I have found your 45 colt cases to be very uniform in weight and thickness. They are also consistent in their strength and "hardness." I have begun to replace all my pistol ammo with your offerings. I am very happy with your quality and consistency."

Tim From Alabama


"I have used and continue to use your brass in 475 Linebaugh, 40-65, and 45-70. It is second to none and always provides the shot to shot consistency that all serious shooters desire. Keep it up!"

Van From Minnesota


"Thank you for your support of the Wisconsin State IDPA Championships. As the Chronoman for this event, I observed many competitors using Starline Brass, especially Starline's 9MM, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. It seems, when shooters become competitive they look for the best the shooting industry has to offer."

Don From Oklahoma


"Starline 50AE and 10MM brass is the best brass on the market! My 50 AE rounds show less signs of neck splitting after multiple reloads than does the other brands I have tried. I am very pleased to have a good source of 10MM brass as this cartridge tends to be a hard to find item in my locale. I have turned my uncle on to your 44 MAG brass and I will definitely purchase Starline 32 H&R MAG brass as well. Thanks for producing an excellent product and I will continue to recommend it to my family and friends."

Joe From Montana


"I have been using Starline Brass for the past 6 years in Cowboy Action shooting. Starline brass outlast the other brands 10 to 1. I reload 25,000 rounds a year of 32 H&R, 38 Special, 44 Special and 45 Long Colt. I will no longer use other brands of brass in the future."

Hal From Virginia


"Super products. Will buy whenever I can. As you expand your offerings into Schuetzen calibers, I will be happy to buy those cases as well. Best quality control on the market! Keep up the good work."

Brad From Connecticut


"I'd like to tell you folks that I have been using your brass for the last 6 years. These cases have been reloaded time and time again over that period not only after every match, but also after range and practice sessions. For some of them this amounts to 15 times a year. That amounts to 90 reloads per case. They are run in a tumbler for two hours before each reloading. To this day I have yet to have a case failure or even a split case mouth. You make an outstanding product, but I guess you already knew that. Keep up the great work.

Donald From South Dakota


"I just wanted to congratulate you for a super job of producing a fine product, and for helping me to set a new Open National Record for Black Powder Target Rifle, 30 Shot Match Course, with a score of 281-3X (NRA recognized). I started using Starline cases in my Shilo 74 Sharps 40-65 about 1 1/2 years ago. I noticed the level of accuracy improve immediately. I plan to switch to Starline cases in my 45-90 and 38-55. Thank you."

Douglas From California


"I use several calibers of your brass and find them to be of excellent quality. I am a QAS for the Defense Dept. Quality verses cost is always considered, however I believe that Starline has found the best balance in the users favor."

Thomas From Utah


"Starline Brass is the epitome of quality and value in affordable components for everyday use."

Rick From California


"Just wanted to say you have a great website. You've done a very good job of letting us reloaders know what's up with your cases."

John From Washington


"Your brass is the best that is on the market today. It beats all the other manufacturers out there and with proper care I'm getting more reloads per case than any other manufacturer. Please keep up the outstanding work."

Jim From Mississippi


"Super products, I much prefer using your brass to the major manufacturers due to the consistency in dimensions when used in our reloading equipment."

Ken From Tennessee


"I use your 45-70 and 40-65 brass and have found it to be superior in quality and consistence to any other available."

Cliff From Missouri


"I just wanted to thank you for producing wonderful brass. Starline has been the case I shoot in Cowboy Action Shooting. No matter what type of match, I start with Starline to ensure there are no problems, and to date, the brass becomes practice brass and is yet to wear out, that's over 1,000rds a week, loaded at least ten times this year alone. I hope you continue to produce good brass, because I encourage everyone to shoot your product. Thank you!"

Mike From Texas


"I recently purchased a 100 lot box of Starline brass in .45 Long Colt. I am extremely impressed with the quality of this brass. I touched up the primer pockets to .121 but removed very little brass. I then went to chamfer the burrs out of the flash holes and couldn't find any burrs. Your quality is incredible and I will not buy another brand in the future. I will also be a source of word of mouth advertising. Great work there, folks. Now, what do I do with all my case prep tools? :-)"

Martin From Maine


"I am an avid reloader who has been reloading ammo since childhood. I have used your brass extensively in reloading, and must say it is superior to all others I have used. It is the king of brass, which lasts longer than any other."

Richard From Missouri


"I would suggest to every one to change to Starline brass. It's very strong brass, and very competitively priced. I bought some of this brass because of it's strength and durability. I'm glad someone told me about Starline Brass. Thank you."

Dan From Ohio


"I recently bought your nickel plated cases for my S&W 500. I had long heard about the superior quality of your brass but didn't think it could be 'that much' better than the cases I have been loading, but I was wrong. Your cases are thicker, the primer pockets are of uniform size that lets the primer seat snugly and deep enough for safety. The plating is heavy and cleanly done, and even the interior is plated. I have been loading cases from a major ammo manufacturer but they will be retired as I work yours into my handloading schedule. Thanks for a really good product made in the USA!"

Sherri From Ohio


My husband and I have been using your brass since about 1994 and we have found NOTHING that can compare in quality. Many times Starline is the only brass we use to reload for a given caliber. It's just not worth the hassle, and sometimes the cost to even buy factory loaded originals to reload. We have had 3 factory loads that malfunctioned to the point two different firearms (one .357 revolver and one semi-auto 9mm) had to be returned to the manufacturer for repairs. We've never had the slightest problem with your brass.

Art From


"Happy to be your customer." "Been shooting Starline Brass since you made your first cases. Probably be with you 'till I am forced to stop shooting, not a moment sooner." "You make EXCELLENT brass. It handles the HIGH power factors I load for the IPSC guns. I split VERY FEW cases. I get probably 1 in 1000 head separations after the XXX loadings, and that is because I missed the warning signs." "Keep up the good work!!!"

Gary From Oklahoma


"Hello:" "As a new customer I received the first order of 357 brass this weekend from you." "Your product greatly impresses me in every way. It is clean, exact in dimension, and reloads exceptionally well in a Dillon 550B loader. Only a reloader-shooter can know how really great this brass is. WOW!" "Thank you very much."

Ray From


"I have been using your brass for many, many years. In my opinion this is the best brass on the market, bar none. I have been telling my many shooting friends about Starline for just as long. Now I am telling them Starline is one, if not the only, reloading company that is not sticking it to their customers like all the other companies are doing. Keep up the great work."

Chris From Alaska


Thanks, many thanks, for making such a consistently fine product. An avid shooter/handloader, and long-time (35+ years) professional guide for Alaska's brown bear, I use Starline Brass in .45 Colt, .500 Smith, .45-70 US Gov't, 45-90 WCF, .470 Turnbull, and the .50 Alaskan. No split cases, no bad primer pockets, no case-head separations - no problems, period. When you find yourself poking through the thick stuff for a poorly-hit and highly agitated brown bear (as I often do) it is a huge comfort to know that the tools of your trade are sufficient to the task at hand!

Jim From Colorado


I have been reloading with 500 of your .41 Magnum cases for several years and I am only now beginning to toss a few cases with loosened primer pockets. I have actually lost track, but I know I have loaded all of them at least 10 times now. They still re-size without problem and I have never had a thinned out case wall. Eventually, I will replace them because I just want some new shiny brass, but they have held up better than any other handgun brass that I have used in my lifetime. Great product.