224 Valkyrie
Since 1976

Caliber: 9MM

9x23 Largo, 9x23, 9mm Bayard, 9mm Mars, 9mm Astra, 9mm Borgman, Bayard
0.896 - 0.904 O.A.L.
The 9mm Largo is a 9x23 case designed for Largo gun systems such as the Star, Astra, Destroyer Carbine, and also works in most Steyrs.

Box Size:
•  500 ($100.50)
•  1000 ($163.50)

Status: Available Now

9mm brass, 9 Luger brass, 9mm Luger brass, 9mm Para brass, 9x19 brass, 9x19 Luger brass, 9mm Parabellum brass, 9mm Glisenti brass, 9mm pistol brass
0.748 - 0.754 O.A.L.
9mm brass:  also known as 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger and 9x19mm.  This cartridge is now one of the most popular pistol cartridges in the world. **NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN S&W SHIELD PISTOLS WITH NEAR-MAX OR +P LOADS, DUE TO POORLY SUPPORTED CHAMBER CONDITION** WE ALSO DON'T RECOMMEND USING THIS BRASS IN S&W 929 REVOLVERS DUE TO HARD EJECTION ISSUES.

Box Size:
•  500 ($77.00)
•  1000 ($136.00)

Status: Available Now

9 MAK, 9x18, 9x18 MAK, 9mm Russian Makarov
0.704 - 0.709 O.A.L.
9MM Makarov, or 9X18mm, uses a .363" diameter bullet. Used in the small Makarov surplus pistols that are readily available now in the United States.

Box Size:
•  500 ($91.00)
•  1000 ($155.00)

Status: Available Now

0.904 - 0.909 O.A.L.
The 9mm Steyr is an Austrian cartridge designed for use in the Steyr M1912 pistol and was chambered in some Steyr MP34 submachine guns. As with all Starline products, our 9mm Steyr brass is made to tighter tolerance than the CIP standard for this cartridge.

Box Size:
•  500 ($101.50)
•  1000 ($177.50)

Status: Available Now

9mm Winchester Magnum
1.150 - 1.160 O.A.L.
Basically a lengthened 9mm Luger, the 9mm Winchester Magnum was developed for use in the Wildey semi-automatic handgun. This cartridge develops near .357 Magnum performance but is generally used for making 9mm Luger blanks.

Box Size:
•  500 ($112.00)
•  1000 ($183.00)

Status: Available Now