224 Valkyrie
Since 1976

Caliber: 222

.222 Rem, Triple Deuce
1.687 - 1.693 O.A.L.
The .222 Remington was introduced in 1950 and quickly became the favorite caliber of many shooters and hunters. The "Triple Deuce" found a lot of success as a benchrest caliber due to its inherent accuracy and the small caliber/high velocity combination made it a great choice for all types of varmint hunting. While the .222 Remington has slipped in popularity to calibers such as the .223 Remington, it is still available from several rifle manufacturers and is just as capable of a cartridge as it ever was.

**Please note that we have found one customer with a T/C Contender had a chamber that was under the SAAMI minimum and had clearance issues with the base of our case, which is made to the middle of the SAAMI tolerances.

Box Size:
•  250 ($91.00)
•  500 ($162.00)
•  1000 ($303.00)

Status: Available Now