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458 SOCOM Brass (Large Pistol primer)

1.569 - 1.576 O.A.L.

A very popular cartridge, this 50AE based case contains a .308 style head configuration with O.A.L. of 1.575 necked down to accept a .458 dia. projectile. This case has been chambered in AR-15s and Bolt Guns. Dies are available from Hornady and Lee Precision.Contacts for gun systems are:www.teppojutsu.comor call (832) 524-8100 or contact Tony Rumore or call (918) or (866) 980-7625.

Status: NOT AVAILABLE/NO BACKORDERS due to extreme demand. Check site later for availability.

458 SOCOM Brass

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duck r of bend, Oregon
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Date Posted: 06/30/2012
i use this brass in a rock river rifle. all the printed data i have seen is very hot! suggest you start at min. load. i experienced a few hurt cases from ex. pressures. i am happy / starline.
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