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Unprimed Brass Cases

45-70 Gov't Brass (Large Rifle primer)

45-70 Government Brass, 45-70 Marlin Brass, 45-70 Govt Brass
2.095 - 2.102 O.A.L.

Our .45-70 brass has been tested at elevated pressures suitable for Magnum Heavy Hunting Loads in adequate gun systems. When loading with black powder, annealing of mouth may be necessary to allow case to properly seal chamber due to lower pressures generated by these loads. Our case is produced very strong to withstand high pressure loads associated with smokeless hunting loads and since the only way to make brass harder is to work the material our only option is to leave them stiffer so the customers can anneal for specific application. See annealing procedure in Commonly Asked Questions, section #4.

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45-70 Gov't Brass


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John W of Richardson, Texas
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Date Posted: 06/18/2015
I'm still pretty young at 67,,,started reloading in mid 20's so have done a few...got into casting and sort of settled on the 45 for pistol and 45-70 for rifle. Makes it pretty easy when casting your own and the 45-70 will take any game animal there is when loaded right. There may be better rounds for some animals, but I am perfectly comfortable with this round for anything I hunt. Heck you can even hunt rabbit if that is all you had...would have to be pretty careful with shot placement to have enough left to eat but possible. The point is that I just reload a lot of 45-70 and won't use anything but Starline Brass. It is consistent, reliable, will last to the point where you start to wonder if you should discard the brass just because it has been reloaded so many times even though there are no signs to indicate there is a problem. I just really like this brass and appreciate the fact that you can get both brass and nickle plated so if you are doing hunting at night for things like pigs which are getting to the point where they offer a bounty on them in some counties and the shiney nickel rounds are a little easier for old eyes to see when there isn't much light. Pretty much a round that you can enjoy year round and the brass will allow you to be able to afford to shoot a lot more than paying for a big name brand that will start to separate after the second reload. And the price is better than anything I can find anywhere else no matter what the brand. I am totally satisfied with the brass and the company will stand behind their product and will answer questions with knowledgeable folks on the other end that know what they are talking about. Plus the company operates like the old time business stores that stand behind their product, give you an honest deal, fair price, and excellent product. Sorry didn't mean to ramble...getting old...but just can't say enough good about the company, the brass, the support, and the feeling you get when you deal with them that is sort of like you are dealing with friends you have known for years even though you never met them. Guess I have got the message across that I recommend this outfit not only for the 45-70 but for anything they make. If they make it, it is a good product.
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Mike C of Martinsburg, West Virginia
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Date Posted: 01/22/2015
Beautiful brass, free of flaws or shipping damage. Sizes and loads perfectly; case weights are extremely close together for those that might find continuity important. Very strong with almost no change in size at the case head end under moderate load pressures. Should be able to get many, many loadings out of these. Highly recommend them!
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Jeff H of Wadsworth, Ohio
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Date Posted: 08/29/2014
This is excellent brass. Very uniform in weight and size. I can get 5+ loadings with high velocity loads in my 1895 Marlin. Cases seem to last forever with low velocity Springfield "Trap Door" loads. I will buy again.
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Buford T. J of Stony Point, New York
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Date Posted: 05/26/2014
Great product for the money. Lower in price but Higher in Quality than ANY of the bigger name brands! Keep up the good work. I HOPE/WISH Starline would decide to make 25-20 Brass! I know I'm not the only one who would like to see it as a cataloged item! The 25-20 is a Great little round and its not as dead as some believe.... So Starline, Co. listen to a faithful customer and get on the 25-20 wagon! :-) Thanks BloodGroove4570
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R H P of Clarksville, Tennessee
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Date Posted: 05/07/2013
Want to make a 2,700 fps 40-45-70 round. Start with Starline brass and 200 grain XTP. That is right, with this brass, a quality modern rifle, and a Sabot, you too could have a sub- MOA 200 yard rifle ready for MS primitive weapon season with the recoil of a 20 GA.
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Phillip W of Pulaski, Tennessee
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Date Posted: 09/08/2012
I reload for both my 1873 Trapdoor rifle and my 1874 Shiloh Sharps carbine and have had excellent results with Starline's brass. Reloading for trapdoors can be very difficult as they are extremely sensitive to different types of smokeless powders and bullet types. After many repeated tries with three different powders and three different bullet weights/styles I finally succeeded on a satisfactory, accurate load. With only 40 Starline cases to begin with, they held up admirably with very little case stretching. To help with 45/70 case longevity I used a Lyman neck sizing die. I really like the quality of Starline, and yes , I noticed they're heavier walled than Remington's or Winchester's.
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