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Unprimed Brass Cases

44 Special Brass (Large Pistol primer)

44 Spl, 44 S&W, 44 S&W Special, 44 Smith&Wesson
1.145 - 1.155 O.A.L.

A forerunner to the .44 Magnum, the .44 Special is a very versatile revolver cartridge suited for uses spanning target shooting, self defense, and hunting.

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Box of
44 Special Brass


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Joe L of Scottdale, Pennsylvania
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Date Posted: 06/10/2015
This is one of my all time favorite cartridges. I needed new brass and looked to Starline to fill the order. I had load development to work up as my previous favorite bullet has been unavailable for a long time. I worked up loads with Hornady 180 gr HP/XTP bullets and Unique powder. The loads shot extremely tight in both accuracy and Std Deviation velocity. I couldn't be more pleased. This is the best, most uniform brass that I have used. Thanks Starline.
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Dan of Warren, Oregon
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Date Posted: 08/04/2014
Best brass available to reloaders. Highest grade possible and you can get a unbelieveable amount of loads from each case.
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Tim W of Rochester, New York
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Date Posted: 12/17/2013
Great brass, good packaging and very uniform! I'll seek it out in the future. Thanks for a superior product. Tim
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Jerry M of Bayboro, North Carolina
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Date Posted: 03/30/2013
I've been using starline for a couple of years now. I load numerous handgun calibers and use only starline for all of them. I have never as of yet recieved any shells from starline that was not of superb condition. Never had any dinged up brass, and all have been well within tolerance when it comes to length. I do measure each and every case before loading and have not found it necessary to trim any. That doesn't mean it can't possibly happen. So please always measure new brass before loading for safety sakes.
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