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38-55 Long Brass (2.125) (Large Rifle primer)

38-55 Win, 38-55 Winchester, 38-55 (2.125), 38-55 Ballard
2.122 - 2.130 O.A.L.

This is a .38-55 case with the original overall length of 2.125" for use in .38-55's that are suited for longer cases (most firearms will accept this length). Wall thickness at the mouth averages .0072" which allows for use of a wider variety of bullet diameters, especially in tight chamber/large bore situations. Headstamp reads *-2.125-*-38-55

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38-55 Long Brass (2.125)


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Lunar p of South, Florida
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Date Posted: 02/19/2015
Starline is the only Brass that chambers in my Marlin 336CB's with the Ranchdog bullets I cast. If you are shooting a Marlin 336CB in 38-55 you know that they prefer a fatter cast bullet, this brass is what you want. Don't waist your money or time on anything else. For the Marlin 336CB in 38-55 this is the better length of brass.
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W. B of Fort Worth, Texas
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Date Posted: 02/16/2015
I've been using this brass[long] for several years in my Marlin Cowboys.They both require .381 bullets and this excellent brass works perfectly.My loaded rounds chamber and shoot much better that I can hold......kudos to Starline,you have my business for life. Thanks, W.Besty
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