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357 Mag Brass (Magnum Small Pistol primer)

357 Magnum Brass, 357 Mag Brass, 357 Brass, 357 Smith & Wesson Mag Brass, 357 S&W Mag Brass, .357 Mag Brass
1.275 - 1.285 O.A.L.

357 Mag Brass: Basically a lengthened version of the .38 special, the 357 Magnum is one of the most popular handgun calibers in the world. Almost every revolver manufacturer makes a firearm in this chambering. Also used in many lever action carbines. 357 Magnum Brass.

Status: NOT AVAILABLE/NO BACKORDERS due to extreme demand. Check site later for availability.

357 Mag Brass

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Joe S of Central, AK
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Date Posted: 07/16/2012
while only on my first loading of this brass, it has been a good product. i have found no flaws in any of the brass i have loaded and all has seemed very consistant. i would not hesitate to own more Starline brass!
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