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Since 1976

Unprimed Brass Cases

.277 Wolverine (Small Rifle primer)

1.524 - 1.528 O.A.L.

The .277 Wolverine is a 5.56 NATO based wildcat that was designed to give near 6.8 SPC performance out of an AR-15 type rifle, without requiring a specialized bolt or magazines. Since the Wolverine only requires a barrel change, it is one of the most affordable AR conversions. This is touted as an all-purpose cartridge that not only gives excellent down range performance for its size, but it is also well suited to pistol or SBR, and subsonic/suppressed applications.

Barrels are available for Savage bolt actions and AR’s, as well as dies and other accessories from Mad Dog Weapons Systems www.maddogweapons.com.

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.277 Wolverine


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Randy M of Fairbanks , Alaska
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Great to get head stamp 277wlv brass great for the growing 277wlv also thanks to starline I’ve used your brass in dozens of other cartridges I fire and I’m never been disappointed by your products.

Shanon C of Topeka, Kansas
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I just had my first outing with my new batch of star line 277 wolverine brass. I had great accuracy results and the cases loaded/fit and worked flawlessly! Great stuff thanks!

Bill D of Knoxville, Tennessee
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It is absolutely fantastic to get such high quality brass for my .277 Wolverine!

Joe W of Whetstone , Arizona
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I've made several 1,000 .277 Wolverine cases from USGI 5.56x45mm brass. While it isn't hard to do - buying perfect quality ready-made brass from Starline is awesome. Thanks for adding this product and recognizing this up-and-coming cartridge!

John H of Freeport, Illinois
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Every Starline case I've ever used has been of the highest quality in materials and dimensions. The Wolverine is no different. I've formed thousands of cases from LC brass, and would say the new Starline is better than my meticulous work. It also has the correct headstamp, If you're a Wolverine fan, or new to the caliber, you can't do any better than this brass.

Bruce F of Waverly, Iowa
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
This new brass from Starline is awesome, it fits the wolverine chamber perfect capacity is right with lc converted brass, accuracy is as good too. it is great now i don't have to convert brass and actual wolverine headstamped brass thanks starline.