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Starline Brass- our quality process

Our quality process begins with premium brass comprised of 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc. Unlike some competitors, Starline's brass is vertically drawn, which holds wall thickness variation to a minimum. We also anneal our cases between each draw to ensure consistent metallurgy in all lots.

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The next important component is our precise tooling. For example, the bunter tools used to impact the primer pocket during heading are engineered and built in-house. This allows complete control of the primer pocket diameter and consistently provides a good radius at opening for ease in priming. Another Starline innovation is in the tooling built to pierce the flash hole. The tooling is designed to punch a perfect burr-free hole every time, eliminating the need to clean flash holes.

Another unique step in Starline's manufacturing process is our close quality control and hand inspection between each step. Our quality control personnel inspect each case for cosmetic defects and sample cases dimensionally with micrometers and precision gauges to ensure the tightest tolerances possible.

Every case is run through our final inspection machines to guarantee 100% flash hole presence, correct length and diameter. Our tight quality control system means every caliber is inspected a minimum of ten times during the manufacturing process! Sure, multiple inspections and holding tight tolerances increase production costs, but Starline will never waiver in our commitment to quality.

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