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9mm is now one of the most popular pistol cartridges in the world.

*Not recommended for use in Smith & Wesson Shield pistols with near-max or +P loads due to lack of chamber support in some pistols. We also do not recommend using this brass in Smith & Wesson 929 or 986 revolvers (or any other revolver with a titanium cylinder) due to the possible hard ejection issues.

If out of stock check out our 9mm+P cases.

  500 for $94.50

  1000 for $165.00

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Joe Leighty
Scottdale, PA
November 06, 2020
Product Review
True Starline quality. I see a lot of brass left over after USPSA and IDPA matches at our club and I frequently see Starline. This brass is quality through out. Primer pockets are tight and round. The length is uniform and proper length. Cases only need to be expanded and loaded. Finish is superb. This is the finest quality brass for all handguns that are on the market. I have never had any issues with Starline brass nor their customer service. They are a great company and make a great product.

Phoenix, AZ
August 18, 2020
Product Review
First time ordering this brass, it was shipped as promised. Very good quality product. I will reorder more and for other calibers.

Barry Hunn
Missoula, Montana
February 20, 2018
Product Review
I've ordered over 12,000 starline cases in 9mm. The primer pockets are super consistent. The brass holds up great. The over all length is also very consistent. I prefer starline brass over any other brand because of the consistency and the extremely low price. I buy direct from Starline and always have. Besides being nice people to work with, they are fast, accurate and have always been helpful answering my questions. Starline is by far the best buy and best quality brass I've used in 9mm and every other caliber I've loaded. (357 mag, 44 mag)

robert goodheart
Spokane, Washington
June 13, 2017
Product Review

Gordon Schott
Ann Arbor, Michigan
December 16, 2015
Product Review
Hands down this is my favorite brass for reloading 9mm. Consistent performance and good case life. Starline all the way!

Mike Holley
Montgomery, Alabama
October 16, 2015
Product Review
I have been using *-* for a number of years. The outstanding quality has been consistent from caliber to caliber. Year in year out! Shipping was fast and sure. Thanks!

James Ashe
Taylors, South Carolina
May 29, 2015
Product Review
I buy 3 different brass calibers from Starline. It's perfect in every way. Top it off with excellent service and great people, can't lose. Brass has always been consisitent/concentric from case to case. Always get a few extra with my case orders. Nothing better.

Art C.
Philly, Pennsylvania
December 26, 2013
Product Review
I feel the nickel-plated brass from Starline is the finest product in the marketplace. Flawless performance in my Glock 19 with several thousand rounds without any malfunctions. Simply outstanding!

Jeff N
Gilbert, Arizona
July 12, 2013
Product Review
I have used several brands of brass in the past until I came across Starline Brass at my local sporting goods store. At first I wasn't to sure about it. I had never heard of Starline. I didn't know anything about them. The price for 100 rounds at my local store was $16 compared to $30 for Remington so I picked up a couple packages and tried them out. StarLine Brass is the best brass out there. I could not believe how awesome the brass was. I use to have to trim my cases every time, now I can go 2 or 3 shots before having to trim cases. One of the things you will notice after purchasing Starline is fewer cracks and splits over time versus those other guys. I highly recommend Starline. Their brass is the best out there. * * 5 Stars * * MADE IN THE U.S.A.**

Thomas chase
Monroe, Connecticut
April 07, 2013
Product Review
Received my brass very fast and on time. Customer service is great.

The Barns LLC Jim Sowash
Stover, AK
March 06, 2013
Product Review
All of Stareline brass are excellent products.

Terrence Crane
Deepwater, Missouri
January 17, 2013
Product Review
Absolutely an outstanding quality and durability. Starline Staff is great too,.