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Originating in 1957, the .454 Casull is one of the most powerful revolver cartridges available today. This is basically a magnum version of the .45 Colt. It has been lengthened by .100" so it can't be fired in a .45 Colt firearm, though .45 Colt can be fired safely in a .454 Casull. Gun systems are available from Freedom Arms, Taurus, Ruger, Magnum Research, and Thompson/Center.

  250 for $130.00

  500 for $211.00

  1000 for $382.00

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Kristian Nordmo Karlsen
August 09, 2019
Product Review
This brass is hands down the best available .454 Casull brass in the world. I have tried a large amount of different brass from a range of brands. Some break down early, some deform to the point of having to knock them out of the cylinder with a screw driver, and others wont cooperate at all. For example a certain brazilian brands factory loaded ammo would leave the case stuck in the chamber pretty hard. After switching to Starline and loading 27.0 grs of VVN110 behind a 310grs GC hardcast bullet (use this load at your own risk), this case just fell out of the chamber. No overpressure signs, no nothing. Never going back to any other brand again.

Alex Gaebel
Los Angeles, California
March 04, 2019
Product Review
The quality of this brass is astonishing. The .454 Casull is very rough on brass, but yours takes it like a champ! I am reloading a few hundred of your brass for the 3rd time, and there is still less than .0005" deviation in wall thickness, very minimal but perfectly uniform expansion above the web, and I have not lost any cases due to cracking. Lastly, the shape, strength, and uniformity of the rims on your cases alone, make yours a step above the competition. Your quality is unmatched, and I look forward to using more and more of your products in the future!

Gerald Wilson
Starke, Florida
September 01, 2018
Product Review
Purchased 500 pieces some time ago. Have reloaded & shot about 250 rounds in my S&W 460. Excellent product, highly recommend.

LTC James T Collins
T or C, New Mexico
May 28, 2018
Product Review
I bought these cases and trimed them in a .45 Colt file trim die to get the ultimate in case uniformity. Then I processed like bench rest cases. I shoot them in a Rossi 92 in .45 Colt for long range competition in SASS. The small rifle primer, the strong, uniform cases contribute that extra margin of accuracy.

Camron Levanger
Springville, Utah
July 27, 2016
Product Review
Easily the best available brass for heavy Casull loads. This brass lasts longer, and *is* longer (closer to spec) than any other brass available.

Dennis Beagley
Kaysville, Utah
May 06, 2016
Product Review
I've been shooting my 454 Casull less and less over the years as my main supply of brass (factory loads) was getting more expensive and only able to handle a couple reloads before being unusable. An internet search of 454 brass brought me to Starline and I am so thankful! I loaded up the first 100 rnds and went to the range with a couple buddies. When I deprimed and cleaned the brass I could not tell it from the virgin brass! This is performance I have never seen with my previous 454 brass. GREAT JOB Starline! My next order will arrive soon.

Philip De Baets
Shell, Wyoming
March 16, 2015
Product Review
Absolutely great, uniform and very durable cases that give me superb accuracy from my Freedom Arms revolvers - a string of touching holes at 25 meters is proof enough. philimandias - Belgium

roy diffy
Bartlett, Tennessee
May 19, 2014
Product Review
Have loaded several hundred rounds of this brass. Great uniformity,durability, and value. For all my handgun loads, I'll not be using anything else from now on.

Bradford Wilkins
Stevensville, AK
March 06, 2013
Product Review
Brass loaded great no problems. 1000 rds. of shiney New brass with a big ass bullet looks great.