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45 Colt Brass. Originally designed for use with blackpowder, the .45 Colt is one of the most powerful, commonly available handgun cartridges when loaded with smokeless powder. Our .45 Colt brass has been tested to .44 Magnum pressures in gun systems suitable for such loads.

New brass may require neck sizing for use with .452" and smaller bullets.

  500 for $134.50

  1000 for $231.00

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Jim Farmer
Albany, OR
June 07, 2023
Product Review
Starline brass in 45 Colt arrived quickly and in perfect shape. I have been loading a variety of rounds for my cowboy guns and the brass worked perfectly with all weight of bullets. I will be buying more.

Joseph Wedel
McPherson, KS
May 17, 2023
Product Review
I enjoy every round of brass I get from you guys, more consistent length and thickness than the big name other guys. I keep coming back, and will continue to come back for my odd and or obsolete calibers like 32 S&W short, 32WCF/32-20, 44 S&W Russian.

Randall Carlton
Chester, TX
March 26, 2023
Product Review
I began using Starline brass back in the late 80's while shooting IPSC. I was hooked ! Transitioned to SASS/CAS and stayed with Starline brass. Always my first choice among all other brands. Great product, great company. Nuff said.

Gary Cummings
Moscow, ID
June 05, 2022
Product Review
I load half a dozen different handgun calibers, and year after year my go-to brass is always Starline. I've never had a problem with any of their brass.

Paul Plunkett
March 17, 2022
Product Review
Super brass and service. I've bought Starline brass before from retail stores. Glad I found that I can order direct. Ordered on a Sunday and received my brass on Wednesday. I'll be ordering more!

Delwin Lester
Salida, CO
December 05, 2021
Product Review
I've been using Starline 45 Colt brass for several years, and like all my other Starline brass, it is of top quality and strength. I load these brass to +P pressures for my Blackhawks, Contenders and Marlin 1894, and they handle those pressures without any issues. Velocities with heavy bullets from my 1894 rifle are excellent and very similar to 44 mag speeds with similar bullet weights.

Scotty Shawnee
Shawnee, KS
December 14, 2019
Product Review
Been using these in Cowboy Action Shooting matches for a couple of years. Most of them have been loaded more than 15 times, and I haven't had to trim one yet. Had two split out of literally thousands of rounds fired, likely because I overstuffed them with Hogdon 777 ( thank goodness it was in an old Vaquero - ya can't break those things!). Most of my loads are midrange on the books' charge weight, with 200 or 250 grain lead, and still going strong. I've used other brass, some of which will split the third loading, or stretch past max length just as fast, but not Starline!

J Keith
Elizabethton, Tennessee
January 13, 2019
Product Review
Best brass hands down. Only brand I buy

Jonathan Huewe
HEMET, California
December 30, 2018
Product Review
This is simply the best 45 Colt brass. I love the historically ignorant comments about there being no 45 Long Colt. The 45 Colt was called the Long Colt in the late 1800's to distinguish it from the 45 Schofield a shorter cartridge as both were used interchangeably by the US Army in the Colt pistols but not in the Schofield.

David Mikronis
Ethel, Louisiana
September 21, 2018
Product Review
Normally I get my brass and bullets from He has your awesome 45-70 brass but alas, no Starline 45 COLT brass.I want to load some Oregon Trail Lasercast 255 gr SWC, .454 diameter bullets and Starline is the ONLY brass that will hold up. These are going in my Ruger Redhawk chambered for the 45 COLT cartridge. I wish people that reloaded were better educated about the 45 COLT. I have numerous reloading manuals that say, "THERE IS NO SUCH CARTRIDGE AS THE 45 long colt"! NADA, ZIPPO, NEGATORY! Anyway, next week I will be placing my order for 1,000 45 COLT cases. THANK YOU STARLINE FOR HAVING A SUPERIOR PRODUCT AT A DECENT PRICE!!! YOUR REPUTATION CONTINUES TO GROW!

Isla Vista, California
March 14, 2018
Product Review
I can honestly say this brass is the best quality of any product made. Ive fired 250 gr. Slugs with 27 gr. of H110 and still have not had to resize or had a single case split. Ive lost track of the amount of times ive reloaded the cases but its easly More than 8X. Ive pushed bullets at the max loads with h110 in various wieghts and the brass is still running strong. Starline or nothing. You can reload and shoot the brass so many times that it almost comes out to be free.

Dan`` Dorman
Scappoose, Oregon
February 10, 2017
Product Review
Just picked up a 100 cases from Midway to load for a 45 colt Bisley that`s on order. Previous customer of yours for the .44 special and .44 Magnum. Your brass is second to none. I`ll be ordering 500 dang soon. I have no idea why shooters refer to the .45 Colt as the Long Colt. There is no such thing.

scott turnbull
eden prairie, Minnesota
December 25, 2016
Product Review
I shoot my .45 LCs almost every week at the range. I load the new cases hotter to be used with my Henry rifle, then reload the used cases for light load wadcutters in the handguns, as it seems like the used cases are a bit more malleable, and become easier to expand at the mouth after they've been fired and reloaded a few times. I just opened my third box of these wonderful cases. Thanks Starline!!! I wish there was a way to give you six stars.

Matthew J.
Poulsbo, Washington
August 09, 2016
Product Review
This is the best 45C brass I have come across. I have reloaded each case 10 times now and have only had 1 neck split. The majority of the reloads are 900fps with a 250 gr cast bullet in a Ruger Blackhawk. I don't believe you can go wrong running Starline brass. If companies such as Double Tap are using this brass in their high pressure 45 colt loads, I trust it in my Ruger.

George Haus
Kalamazoo, Michigan
June 25, 2016
Product Review
I bought 500 cases about 10 years ago. I only load black powder at the max (25 gr) and shoot 250 gr SWC. I use them in both revolvers and a rifle (SASS, cowboy action). I have reloaded this brass at least. 10 times. Cases are now starting to split. So, I'm ordering more. Very satisfied.

Wilbur G Downs
Richland, Washington
June 01, 2016
Product Review
Starline products are outstanding and I've used many cases of various calibers with excellent results. The 45 Colt is no exception and performs as I expected. Very Well.

mario cedolin
las cruces, New Mexico
May 01, 2016
Product Review

Russell Eklund
Great Falls, Montana
April 27, 2016
Product Review
Cowboy shooting mostly. 6 times reloading with no splits or problems of any kind. Also some fairly hot hunting loads with no problems on them either. Thanks.

Sam Brady
Murphy, North Carolina
April 16, 2016
Product Review
Bought a 1000 of these years ago and use them in my Vaqueros and Ubertis, for factory duplication and cowboy action loads, and high pressure loads in my Redhawk. They have been loaded many times, but are still in excellent condition. I also use Starline in 44 Mag. 357 Mag. and 45/70. I really appreciate the consistent high quality I've come to expect and depend on. No need to look any further, this is the only brass I use. And best of all it's made right here in the USA.

James Norwood
Bend, Oregon
March 31, 2016
Product Review
I was using Winchester 45 LC brass for reloading and the neck clearances were too big for the bullet so that the bullets would actually keep slipping down inside the brass when I'd try to seat it. When I'd finally seat the bullet (using too much roll crimp because the neck was too big) then the bullets were loose in the cartridge and would spin easily when twisted with fingers. I'd test the Winchester brass rounds in the chamber after loading and the head clearances were also wrong and would bind up the cylinder. Soooo annoying! Then I switched to Starline instead and it was a different world! I set up the die, seated the bullet on the neck lightly (and it did NOT slip down inside the neck at all) then seated each round with a light roll crimp and 100 out of 100 rounds came out perfectly. No loose bullets, no bent casings, not one single failure on seating. Every single Starline round I chamber tested also fit the cylinder perfectly with no locking up or scraping against the back of the cylinder. I can't say enough good things about this brass. This is the only brass I'm buying for 45 LC from now on. :)

KINGSPORT, Tennessee
January 04, 2016
Product Review
Exceptional Brass

Ralph Fretta
Jackson, New Jersey
December 18, 2015
Product Review
The best brass for 45LC. Cant beat the quality and price.

BRANCH, Michigan
November 07, 2015
Product Review

Michael Comorre
Cathedral City, California
August 28, 2015
Product Review
I used two brands of 45 long colt. Starline is my first and Federal is my second.As far as durability they are similar, the price is a substantial difference. Most of my loads are at plus P or mag.Starline brass can not be beat period.

Rod McCracken
Boston, Kentucky
August 25, 2015
Product Review
Best Brass you can buy! Period

Brian Payne
Severn, Maryland
July 15, 2015
Product Review
The best brass for reloading and I have reloaded about 7 times for Cowboy Action. Whiplash Willy approved. SASS.

Don Fons
Land O Lakes, Florida
June 03, 2015
Product Review
Great brass at a very good price and the speed of shipping was fantastic. I had the brass in my hands about a week after I ordered it. Thank you for the great service I will definitely order again.

Scott K
San Jacinto, California
February 14, 2015
Product Review
There is no better brass available.

Daniel Price
KINGSPORT, Tennessee
January 30, 2015
Product Review
Great brass for my Redhawk and Vaquero loads.

Bob Lindsay
Griffin, Georgia
November 28, 2014
Product Review
Use this brass exclusively for IHMSA with Ruger 45 colt. Takes hot loads better than anyuthing I have used in the past. Will be ordering more when it becomes available.

robert phillips
woodstock, Georgia
August 22, 2014
Product Review
I load plus power loads for my Blackhawk and I wouldn't use any other brass.

rogn poisker
Princess Anne, Maryland
August 13, 2014
Product Review
This brass cannot be equaled for price or quality, that can be said for all Starline products. Using 45C brass for over a decade and never the slightest negative.

John Thompson
Fillmore, California
March 31, 2014
Product Review
I have used starline for over 12 years. I have never had any problems, other that availability. I use 45 ACP , 45 Colt, 44 Mag, 45 Super, 357 mag. 32 H&R Mag. and 9mm. Never any problems with it

Duke's Smith & Arms LLC Duke's Smith & Arms LLC
Cartersville, Virginia
March 23, 2014
Product Review
Great Product, fast and frendly customer service.

Jim Peterson
Brigham City, Utah
February 11, 2014
Product Review
Pretty enough to use for jewelry, strong enough to make my 44 mag packing buddy have thoughts of switching over. I have loaded some of these up to 1200 fps with a 310 grain asteroid using data available for Ruger Blackhawk. PAIN! This brass is stronger than I am. I did have to size the brass before first use for a good tight grip on the bullet. Starline is the perfect balance of resilience, strength, and maleability!

Matt Wical
Holland, Iowa
January 10, 2014
Product Review
used starline 45 colt brass for high pressure hand loads to take my first Minnesota black bear. This brass held up to some maximum pressure loads in my winchester 94 .Great product for a great price!!!

Joe Leighty
Scottdale, Pennsylvania
October 08, 2013
Product Review
I just finished working 500 of the 45 Colt cases and while the overall quality was exceptional I must comment that the interior diameter was a little large. I had to full length size all the cases prior to loading them so the bullet had enough tension to properly hold the bullet. This is the first batch of cases that I have had to do this operation. All the other calibers have been great in length and diameter that I could start loading only with running through the expander die. I still recommend Starline but just watch diameters prior to loading.

Bill Hilburn Jr
Stockton, California
August 23, 2013
Product Review
I've been reloading for over 40 years, and I use Starline brass exclusively for my .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .44-40 and .45 Colt loads and find no other manufacturers products to be even a close match for durability, accuracy and quality. I load mostly for Cowboy Action Shooting, but with the .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .45 Colt I also load to high performance for hunting predators and self defense. What ever I load, Starline brass exhibits exactly what I want in brass, which is superior manufacture, close tolerances and long life. I am still shooting CAS loads out of Starline brass I bought many years ago, so durability is also a major factor; but I also use best quality reloading equipment which makes my reloads survive a very long time. At one time I only used Winchester brass, but their quality became quite spotty, so Starline is now my brass of choice.

leslie naderhoff
curlew, Washington
July 20, 2013
Product Review
very good case when reloading you can tell you have picked up a starline from the others because thay are heaver. vary gooood case.nice to find a product this good

Grits McCall
Melbourne, Florida
July 19, 2013
Product Review
I buy only Starlines for reloading, They are stong, uniform cases and give me an outstanding number of reloads for Cowboy Action Shooting. A minor benefit is that it is easier for me to claim my spent rifle-shot cases from the range, relative to factory-head-stamped stuff. Nevertheless, I would not roll-my-own with any other brand than Starline, an outstanding American-made product.

bob phillips
woodstock, Georgia
July 06, 2013
Product Review
Great brass. I load high pressure loads for 45 colt and have had no problems so far. Case life is good. Dimensions on new brass are consistent. and price is where I like it. Would recommend this product.

The Barns LLC Jim Sowash
Stover, Missouri
March 06, 2013
Product Review
All of Stareline brass are excellent products.

Mark B
El Paso, Texas
February 25, 2013
Product Review
This is excellent quality brass. I bought 500 a few years ago and have been reloading it since. Shooting very hot loads from TC Contenders. No failures to date for pressure. I have crushed a couple in the press, but that is about it. I will certainly purchase more when these finally wear out.

J. Lweis
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
January 18, 2013
Product Review
This brass is EXCELLENT. I have used it for a couple years now and never had a problem with the reloads. I have used many different loads in them and never had a case go bad on me yet. I usually don’t recommend items, but I think this brass deserves it. Buy it you will not go wrong.

Gary W
Jacksonville, Florida
January 12, 2013
Product Review
Starline 45 Colt is an outstanding value! I have reloaded 250 pieces at least 6 times with no failures yet. 100 of these cases were loaded with heavy loads of H110 for use in Rugers and Rossi rifle. The brass is very uniform and the primer pockets are perfect with CCI and Win primers. The brass is very durable and is the only brass I purchase.

Jim Ward ( lead poison )
Rose Hill, Kansas
January 04, 2013
Product Review
I shoot cowboy comp. with true black powder and run more than 15000 rounds a year in comp. Starline brass is the only one i use it runs though my loader just fine and i get more than 40 reloads out of my cases. thank you starline for an awesome product.

Terry Surface
Franklin, AK
December 15, 2012
Product Review
I have used several other brass cases from competitors, However I would not consider anyone a competitor to Starline's excellent brass. Use this brass with confidence and no worry. The best brass around.

Roy Sallee
Danville, Illinois
November 21, 2012
Product Review
Great product and service. Definetly recommend to people wanting a great quality product!

William Scott
Castle Rock, Colorado
November 06, 2012
Product Review
The quality of starline brass 45 Colt is great it loads easily cleans quickly and is durable as with all starline brass I have used it runs throught my progressive loader great

Henry Little
N Las Vegas, AK
September 30, 2012
Product Review
Clean and easy to work wih. No problem on sizing, belling and seating primers. Definately will buy more.