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The 45 Auto+P is a strengthened version of the 45 Auto with the same external dimensions. A thicker web and heavier sidewall at base strengthens the case in potentially unsupported areas. This case has approximately 2 grains less internal water capacity than the standard 45 Auto.

  500 for $130.00

  1000 for $229.50

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Ross McKee
Olympia, WA
November 15, 2021
Product Review
Starline comes through again! 45 Auto +P Brass was on backorder and things being what they are in 2021, I thought maybe best case scenario I might get my order in a month or two...maybe 3. Starline had it at my door in less than a week! I thought I couldn't be more impressed with you guys after you started making .375 Win brass, but you keep on getting better. Thanks!

Michael Mabe
Walnut Cove, NC
February 03, 2020
Product Review
Excellent brass. Nothing negative to say about the brass, the box it was packed in, or the ratio of ordered placed to time of shipment. Starline is the only affordable brass I recommend buying. 95% of my brass I reload is Starline brass. And now that they are producing 30-06 brass it will be 100%.

Eric Ahlstrom
Elkridge, MD
September 21, 2019
Product Review
I handload my carry ammo using the 45 Auto +P brass from Starline. I have gone through 3500 new cases, and every case was perfect. I can get eight reloads out of each case for use on the practice range, so great value. The primer pockets are perfectly sized. If you are looking for a VERY high-quality case, look no further.

Ken Sloan
Friend, Nebraska
November 30, 2018
Product Review
Wow, excellent brass! These shells look great, they are sooo consistent in quality, primer pockets, flash holes etc. Arrived in great shape, quick service, Great price! Thank you Starline

jeffrey adams
glencoe, Kentucky
October 12, 2014
Product Review
great brass for hot 45 acp loads like the 185 gr and 200 gr bullets.shoots great out of my ed brown carry pistol.great case life and can;t beat the price.can you ask for anything more out of a case?I thank not

Stan Watson
Lawton, Oklahoma
March 31, 2013
Product Review
I have been using this brass for years and have never found a fault with it. There is nothing wrong with Starline's standard .45 ACP brass, and I have used a lot of that. Still, I prefer the +P brass; not because I load to +P pressures but because the brass is a little more rugged than standard brass.

Daniel Kephart
Nashville, Tennessee
March 06, 2013
Product Review
I just received a long anticipated order....the photos just don't do justice to the qualiy I am looking at while hlding the brass in my hands. Superb!