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Designed by John Browning, the .45 Auto, or .45 ACP, has been adopted at one point or another by several governments as their official military handgun chambering. It is still popular in the U.S. as a personal defense or target gun.

  500 for $119.00

  1000 for $208.00

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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William Koch
North Freedom, WI
February 28, 2023
Product Review
Unbelievable quality, Excellent QC in its's self cannot turn out such high-quality brass without very talented and dedicated employees helping. This is something that is hard to come by.

Ken Long
McAllen, TX
April 27, 2020
Product Review
Quality brass at its finest. Great turn around time from ordering to door. I haven't found others with this value and service.

Brian Randall
Loganville, Georgia
January 27, 2019
Product Review
I bought this to shoot in the Single Stack Nationals. I got, roll sized, die sized it, trimmed and chamfered the case mouths inside and out, and finished by chamfered the flash holes. Wet polished and loaded. I was shooting Black Bullet"s 200 Gr SWC. I weighed 2000 bullets and settled on the bullets between 201-202 grains. This to give a PF cushion. Most would say "WHY WOULD YOU DO ALL OF THIS". Well, my last chrono session gave me a standard deviation of 3! and at 25 yards my Sig Max Michel was shooting under 1" at 25 from a sand bag. I got to match and at the chrono stage these rounds duplicated my last result EXACTLY! This was wild because I did my work in GA, and the place in Illinois is a good bit different in temperature and elevation. Was this all due to the brass, I'd say no, but the consistency of the brass was definitely a contributing factor. I do this for all brass for major matches, but no other brand of brass has ever performed as well Starline did. If you truly want match ammo, buy the best brass and do the work.

Rick Henn
Plano, Texas
November 09, 2018
Product Review
You can't beat Starline brass. That's all there is to say. Hands down the best reloading brass available on the market today.

Scott Redfern-Peterson
Joplin, Missouri
April 08, 2018
Product Review
I have used your 357 magnum and 44 magnum brass with total satisfaction. The fact that it is made in my home state is awesome! You make a great product. Thanks guys.

Art McDonough
Kerrville, Texas
June 02, 2017
Product Review
It's the best. I can't count the number of times I reloaded the.45 caliber. It's great. I have never had a failure.

Richard Danjou
Pleasant Hilll, Missouri
March 02, 2017
Product Review
I use Starline for my 9MM, 44 Special, 44 Mag and now 45 ACP. I never had a problem with any of the brass from Starline. Excellent quality and delivery when ordering online.

Jeff Flowers
Dover, New Hampshire
July 26, 2016
Product Review
I just purchased another 500 rd. box of .45 acp from Starline. I've been reloading my first batch for three years now and they are still going strong. I processed some yesterday with 5 reloads and the primer pockets are still good and snug. When they come out of the corn media tumbler process they look brand new! I have yet to experience a single case failure in three years time. I bought the additional 500 for backup and this coming fall / winter reloading sessions. I've been very pleased with the quality of Starline brass and I do recommend Starline to others at my club.

William Bagley
Vinemont, Alabama
June 08, 2016
Product Review
I have loaded thousands of rounds of different calibers and never had a problem. Best brass on the market. I love buying factory direct with free shipping. Starline keep up the good work!!!!

William Bagley
Vinemont, Alabama
June 08, 2016
Product Review
I have loaded thousands of round of different calibers and never had a problem. Best brass on the market. I love buying factory direct with free shipping. Starline keep up the good work!!!!

Bill Downs
Richland, Washington
March 14, 2016
Product Review
outstanding brass! I've loaded thousands of rounds in 40SW, 45ACP and. 45 Colt. I've also used many others in the beginning but won't use anything but Starline now. You cannot make a better selection.

Larry Clark
Ferndale, Washington
March 03, 2016
Product Review
I bought 500 of these brass cases last year and have finally got down to my last hundred for reloading. I'm extremely pleased with the quality of this product. Theses cases load easily and I have reloaded some of these cases 6 plus time. Most of all buying direct from Starline Brass is a great value for me. Reloading is very important to me. I'm very picky about my brass I use for reloading.

henry deyoung
venice, Florida
February 05, 2016
Product Review
Outstanding quality, fast delivery, friendly customer service, this is my new "go to" place for my reloading needs.

Daril Tharp
Heath, Ohio
November 11, 2015
Product Review
Excellent product

Bob Brack
West Sacramento, California
September 04, 2015
Product Review
I've been reloading rifle cartridges for years and have recently (18 months) jumped into loading for a new Wilson Tactical Elite. Starting with other brass I was told about Starline. I was surprised to see how the tolerances are kept so tight. Comparing Starline cases to other big name reload manufacturing companies I've found the case length tolerances are plus/minus close to zero where the others were out to .003 on a regular basis. I've given all my other brass away to my friends I shoot against, lol and use only Starline brass now. Bob

Randall Marx
Oscoda, Michigan
June 04, 2015
Product Review
Premium quality brass at a less-than-premium price! This is the most uniform brass I have seen for .45 Auto. It is MUCH more consistent than the "big name' brands, and is excellent in fit and finish. In 1000 cases, I only saw .002" variance in length. Flash holes are great as well, uniform and centered. All this costs less than once-fired brass from other sources! I use Starline for all of my straight-walled brass needs. I just wish they would get into bottle-necked rifle calibers ;)

Scott Robertson
Suwanee, Georgia
April 03, 2015
Product Review
Great Brass! I have used boththe 45 auto and the 44mag the products are perfect adn easy to wrok with.

Steven Garland
Auburn Hills, Michigan
February 16, 2015
Product Review
I have been loading for 45 years. I use Starline Brass in all my pistol calibers. In my opinion there is no other brass that loads as well and lasts as long as Starline. This is a great product.

Robert Koch
Phoenix, Arizona
January 12, 2015
Product Review
Perfect brass! I just finished loading my 300th round with this brass caliber. Absolutely no issues. Shot perfectly in my 1911! I highly recommend this company, Quality is here folks! Similar experience with the 45 Colt brass which I have loaded 1500+ rounds... Rock on Starline!

Joseph Leighty
Scottdale, Pennsylvania
December 22, 2014
Product Review
I started using Starline brass a few years ago. I will not buy any other pistol brass now except for Starline. They are beautifully finished, correctly trimmed to length and usually do not require sizing before loading. They last through many reloadings. I couldn't ask for more. I'm a customer for life.

Jeff D
central, Missouri
June 14, 2014
Product Review
Very consistent in all dimensions. I've got some that have been fired 10+ times and still going strong. I'll lose them before I wear them out. This is my favorite brass, and the cheapest. You won't regret this brass!

Damian Rohrbach
Hayden, Idaho
January 12, 2014
Product Review
hot loads of 6.2 hp38 with 250 grain hollow points, never a split or loss of primer or swage pocket. great brass!!!!

Lodewyk Schuermans
Plano, Texas
November 24, 2013
Product Review
I have now moved entirely to *--* (Starline) brass. It is the best quality brass both for initial loading and reloading. Great American made product for a reasonable price. And customer service at *--* is impeccable!

Chris Ohland
Beaverton, Oregon
May 18, 2013
Product Review
This brass seems to have become the standard in USPSA competition shooting in my area, based on my observation at matches and discussions with other shooters. There are a number of reasons for this success: 1. Starline brass is economically priced and it is made in the USA. 2. Starline brass is very consistent, so nothing works better in my Dillion XL650 progressive press than Starline. When I have a big batch to reload, I know that with nothing but Starline .45ACP in the brass hopper, it's going to be a good day. 3. Quality manufacturing and shipping: Starline apparently is able to handle their brass a little more carefully than the competition, because when it comes out of the box it seldom shows any dents or other marks, even though it is packed in bulk. 4. Durability: Although .45ACP is not a caliber that is known to be hard on brass, I see no difference in durability between Starline and other top-name competitors. I expect Starline .45ACP brass to last a long, long time, through many reloading cycles. 5. Customer Service: Starline has good people on the phones, so on the few occasions that I have needed to talk with someone I have reached a knowledgeable person who knew how to answer my question and was empowered to take action if it was necessary.

Terry Osborne
Cochran, Georgia
February 07, 2013
Product Review
I have been reloading metallic cartridges for approx. 32 yrs. I have used many types and calibers of brass. Starline is by far my favorite to reload. No problems with any of the many Pistol, Revolver and Rifle cartridges that I have had the pleasure of working with. I would recommend their products in any caliber to anyone.

Terrence Crane
Deepwater, Missouri
January 17, 2013
Product Review
Absolutely an outstanding quality and durability. Starline Staff is great too,.

Paul Buchanan
Waterloo, Iowa
January 16, 2013
Product Review
Excellent product.

Paul Yothers
Dalzell, South Carolina
August 30, 2012
Product Review
Price, uniformity and top quality. What else could you ask for?