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Designed by Elgin T. Gates for silhouette shooting, the .445 Super Magnum is a heavy duty, lengthened version of the .44 Magnum. Guns have been manufactured by Dan Wesson and Thompson/Center. Primer pocket must be reamed deeper if you wish to use Large Rifle primers.

  250 for $191.00

  500 for $283.50

  1000 for $491.00

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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June 22, 2023
Product Review
I have a S & W revolver converted to 445 super mag it is my snake gun I load shot shells equal to 410s and they work great. Best brass ever. Thank you.

Justin Van Dee
Deep River, IA
June 09, 2020
Product Review
Been using the Starline 445 Super Mag brass for years deer hunting. Have 7 reloads on batch of 250 and still going strong. Loaded with 180gr bullet in T/C Contender I name it Black Death cause it is wicked on Iowa deer. Cheers

Ken Lockwood
St Clair, Michigan
January 30, 2019
Product Review
I re-barrel the Marlin 336's for 445 SM and this brass is perfect! This cartridge really sings from a rifle and this brass is robust enough to take heavy crimps, lever actions, and multiple reloading with 265 / 300 grain bullets. Thank you Starline

Jason Chandler
Clinton, Tennessee
December 09, 2016
Product Review
Was given a MGM 15" Encore barrel in 445 Super Mag for Christmas. I ordered some Starline brass and was extremely impressed by the consistency. I loaded up 50 rounds with a healthy load of 296 and the 250 Sierra... My shots were touching at 50 yards.

Alfonso Rodriguez
Palm Bay, Florida
November 18, 2015
Product Review
I have a 445 Super Mag from Dan Wesson. I have used the 445 Super brass since 2001. No problems or issues whatsoever; this brass is designed to sustain much greater pressure than the 44 Mag brass (445 goes about 45 to 50 thousand PSI). The brass is thicker to be able to take the increase pressure of the 445 Super since this caliber cannot be loaded light. It is durable and worth the prices. Some of my cases have taken five firings without any problems. It is the only brand available and it could be much more expensive but it is fairly priced and because of the quality, a good investment.

Stefan Lockton
Easton, Kansas
July 26, 2015
Product Review
This brass has functioned well with no sticking cases at this point. It is nice to be able to shoot my DW .445 Supermage again with NO brass sticking issues. Thank you for saving this great cartridge!

Dennis Lattis
Floyds Knobs, Indiana
July 20, 2014
Product Review
My converted H&R now has the knock down power needed and added 90 yards to my range Thanks

Richard Verslues
Centerville, Iowa
September 22, 2013
Product Review
This445 brass is some of the toughtest brass i have ever used and is as advertised good job gentlemen

Kevin Cooper
Copley, Ohio
January 21, 2013
Product Review
Excellent brass. Have reloaded some cases as many as 10 times without any problems. Would highly recommend anyone reloading .445 Super Mag to use this brass.

Kevin Cooper
Akron, Ohio
December 29, 2012
Product Review
Originally I had some brass stamped "Gates". I had many problems with that brass. Then I tried the Starline Brass. I've loaded the brass approximately 10 times now without any problems whatsoever. I wished I would have tried this brass sooner.