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Also known as the .44-40 Winchester, .44 WCF, and .44 Winchester, this caliber gained popularity because of its availability in both rifles and handguns. The advent of Cowboy Action Shooting has helped to revive this obsolete vintage cartridge. Our .44-40 brass has a wall thickness of .0065" but is still stiffer and less fragile than other brands, which makes it much easier to reload.

*It has come to our attention that some Uberti revolvers have issues with light hammer strikes and will only fire with Federal primers, which we generally recommend for revolvers anyway.

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Scott Kelly
Hemet, CA
April 02, 2021
Product Review
The best there is. I always buy Starline when I need new brass. I have purchased 357 Magnum, 45 Colt, and now 44-40. I have never been disappointed.

John Brown
Perry, Ohio
March 26, 2019
Product Review
Tried to reload some Winchester stamped once fired brass, and it kept jamming my press up bad. Put 200 rounds of starline through and it was all smooth and easy. Chambered and fired great.

John Lively
Empire, Alabama
March 23, 2017
Product Review
Star Line brass is the best you can buy in any cal. they produce I have bought many brass cases and will continue buying this brass

John Hart
Foley, Minnesota
November 08, 2015
Product Review
My family shoots many thousands of 44-40 each year . . . all loaded with GOEX black powder. We use four brands of brass,The 6000 or so Starline cases we use are the best. They resist damage caused by operator error during reloading. They do not stretch. They clean up like new no matter how neglected after firing. They are uniform and of correct dimensions to fit very chamber in the 16 44-40 rifles and handguns we use.

HAVRE, Montana
October 21, 2015
Product Review

T. Sandru
Boise, Idaho
September 16, 2015
Product Review
I've been using Starlines 44-40 brass over 5 yrs without one problem. I shoot this caliber in three different guns and have not had any malfunctions or reloading issues. The best made!

Ron H
Smokey Point, Washington
November 11, 2014
Product Review
Best 44/40 brass ever. Reloading it is a breeze. I used a competitors brass and it was a nightmare no matter how careful I was. I started using Starline brass and no more problems.

Charles Phillips
Stafford, Virginia
November 02, 2014
Product Review
Reloads easily, but the thin walls allow the case to seal to the chamber so there's no fouling blown back into the action as happens with .45 Colt. This is now my favorite cartridge - I use black powder topped with a black powder filler. :-)

Willy McCoy
Dyer, Tennessee
August 20, 2013
Product Review
I've loaded a lot of 44-40 ammo for years using any serviceable brass I could get and the Starline brass has been the best. I can't say enough good about it.

Sapulpa, Oklahoma
April 25, 2013
Product Review
STARLINE 44-40- brass is by far the toughest 44-40 brass on the market. I have used STARLINE brass for over thirty five years. Their 44-40 brass is hands down proof that quality and a superior product is what STARLINE BRASS produces. After being tired of crushing W-W and R-P 44-40 cases I purchased 100 Starline cases after reading that their cases were made to a higher standard. After loading that 100 rounds of brass without flaws or failures in materials I was sold. I promptly ordered a large quantity and have nothing but good things to say still. If you are a 44-40 shooter, STARLINE BRASS is the answer to problem free loading. The 44-40 is an accurate cartridge and very fun to shoot. STARLINE is a part of the equation. Enjoy ~

Thomas Kendrick
Belleplain, New Jersey
February 19, 2013
Product Review
I, too, had heard the "horror stories" regarding loading the .44-40, but bought a Uberti '66 Yellowboy in that chambering anyway. I refused to buy any of the bags of the Win brass in stock where I bought the rifle as about 20% of the cases in each unopened bag had crumpled necks; I bought 500 pieces of StarLine brass,and a Lee die set from Track of the Wolf and found not one neck-damaged case in the 500, nor did I encounter a single problem while loading all 500. I've never experienced anything other than complete satisfaction with StarLine brass,and I've also bought your 45-70, 38-55long, and 357mag in substantial quantities. Thank you for a top-quality product!

Charles N Culp
Edgewood, Maryland
September 18, 2012
Product Review
This was a new caliber for me, so I messed up a couple of cases getting my dies set up, then it was smooth sailing. Work just fine in my uberti pistols and rifle, far superior to other brass, and can be reloaded no problem.

Phillip Wendt III
Pulaski, Tennessee
September 08, 2012
Product Review
I have a Uberti 1866 rifle chambered in 44/40 Win. and was at first very apprehensible at trying to reload for this after hearing all the horror stories of crushing cases due to thin walls. But I found it was relatively easy after using Starline 44/40 cases, with a simple case lube squirt, 200 grain .427 LFN bullets on my RCBS junior press, I didn't damage a single one. And my rifle liked them too. No reason at all to buy commercial loaded ammunition, these Starline 44/40 cases are great!!!