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The .41 Special is a shortened version of the .41 Magnum. This cartridge was originated by the late Elmer Keith by simply trimming the .41 Magnum down to the same length as .44 Special and .38 Special. Custom pistolsmiths such as Hamilton Bowen have built custom revolvers for this caliber out of mid-size .357 Magnum revolvers to create big power in a smaller frame. This case can also be used in any firearm designed for the .41 Magnum and would work excellent for light plinking loads. Load data can be found via a quick internet search, but be sure it is coming from a reputable source.

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Thomas Egli
Woodlawn , TN
April 20, 2023
Product Review
Sorry for the late review. As usual Starline once brought out a great product. This 41 Special is very consistent in length and weight. I bought this after reading John Taffin's reviews on the 41 special to play with in my Ruger Blackhawk 41 Mag. 7.5 in Bbl. . I was very pleased with the results but what really surprised me is that I acquired a Henry Big Boy 41 Magnum. I had feeding problems with the Lyman 410459 in 41 magnum cases but on a whim I loaded this bullet in the 41 special cases at 1200 FPS and these feed flawlessly in my levergun. It also turned out be a great deer load. I got 2 does and a buck last season with Henry and 41 special.

J. Norton
Cedar Bluff, AL
March 10, 2022
Product Review
I use this brass to form into 10mm Rimmed for my S&W Model 610. As with all Starline brass it comes perfectly packaged, and in excellent condition.

Phil Dannenberg
Hamilton, MI
June 01, 2020
Product Review
The 41 spl. This is excellent for converted Colt SAA. used a 32-20 cyl rechambered to 41 spl , and a 41 LC barrel with kind of an extreme bore of.413 . So 41 spl brass works perfect for 41 mag size, 215 grn bullets cast at .412-.413 size . no need to cut down 41 mag brass. Starline makes it ready to go. Thanks for a great product.

Glasgow, Kentucky
January 10, 2018
Product Review
Great Product!! Thank you for another great product!!

Greg Parsons
Burgin, Kentucky
May 10, 2016
Product Review
Excellent brass on this run just like on the first. Makes making custom loads for my 2" Taurus a breeze. Thank you for running this again.

Dave Whildin
Allentown, Pennsylvania
May 07, 2016
Product Review
I am super pleased! My Cogan Custom 586 in 41 spl is among my favorites to carry and load for. 99% of ranges, however, have strict policies (with good reason) about using a cartridge marked magnum in a gun marked special. No use trying to tell them the ONLY way to get ammo is to load it, and the only way to load it is with cut-down brass. WELL NOT ANY MORE! Thanks again!

Michael Kordek
North Wales, Pennsylvania
February 20, 2016
Product Review
Thanks! I'm a die hard .41 mag shooter and collector. .41 Special headstamped brass is perfect for those ranges that don't allow anything with 'magnum' on the stamp. Explaining reduced loads in shortened magnum brass is futile.

Joe Leighty
Scottdale, Pennsylvania
January 30, 2016
Product Review
I couldn't be more pleased. This is a cartridge that really makes my day allowing me to practice comfortably with my 41 Mag revolver. In the past we have had to make our own 41 Special casings by cutting them down from 41 Mag. Of course we had to be careful not to mix the brass as the head stamp would be the same. The quality of the brass is excellent. Length is very accurate and consistent throughout the lot. diameter of the inside of the case is good and allows for quick prep work with only running the case into the expander die. The case mouth is clean and adequate for loading without chamfering. Primer pockets are well cut and setting primers is easy and tight. There were no blemishes in 1,000 rounds that we bought. In short these are premium casings and they should live up to the life expectancy of all the other Starline casings. Thank you Starline for making another run of this cartridge. We really appreciate it.

Robert Makowski
Rochester, New Hampshire
January 14, 2016
Product Review
I bought some of this .41 Special brass a few years ago when the first run was made...can only say it it is excellent quality and makes loading for short cylinder guns like a Taurus Tracker or Freedom Arms 97 a joy.. Just bought some more from this run and hope this will remain in their line as a regular production item.