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Designed to fill the gap between the .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum, the .41 Magnum is a happy medium between power and recoil.

  500 for $120.00

  1000 for $209.00

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Dennis McLain
Duluth, GA
February 24, 2021
Product Review
I really like your brass. I use it in my 657 Smith&Wesson with good results. I have never had a problem with reloading or loading. The quality of the finished brass is great! Thanks for a great product and looking forward to buying more when you get your backorders in stock.

Jeff Stubbins
December 07, 2020
Product Review
I've been reloading since Sandy Hook, and this is the only brass I will buy. I have loaded my 45 Colt to 44 magnum pressures and both my Ruger Balckhawk and Starline Brass have shown no signs of strain. My favorite round is the 41 magnum. Again, Starline Brass gives stellar performance.

Keith Elliott
Elizabethton, Tennessee
March 07, 2019
Product Review
Starline is without doubt the very best. I use it with 41 mag ,45 colt, 45 schofield and 357 mag. Never had any trouble except the 45 colt was oversize. After resizing it was fine. Keep up the good work, Starline!!! J Keith

Michael Woodruff
Brunswick, Maine
December 10, 2018
Product Review
I have been using Starline Brass for .357 magnum and.41 magnum and am extremely pleased with this product. It is consistent and durable with numerous reloading cycles (I am on my fifth or sixth cycle with my latest batches and not a single case failure yet). I don’t use any other brass since I found Starline and I am looking forward to purchasing this brass for years to come!

Bradley Whitehead
Scottsdale, Arizona
December 24, 2016
Product Review
Best brass I've used , used it in 44 mag and 10mm auto .

Eric Felch
Lacey, Washington
September 23, 2016
Product Review
High quality brass. Excellent consistency. Easy to load. Works Well in my Ruger Blackhawk.

John Jones
Summitville, Indiana
August 21, 2016
Product Review
Good brass. I use Starline for .45 acp and .41 mag. I did the math, using new starline brass, loading SJHP 210 grain bullets, I saved just over $100, loading 100 rounds compared to buying 100 rounds of equivalent ammo. That includes powder and primers. The .41 mag ammunition is expensive to buy, if you can find it. I own a S&W, Ruger, and a Henry, all chambered in .41 mag. Starline manufacturing this brass is much appreciated.

Joseph Leighty
Scottdale, Pennsylvania
February 18, 2015
Product Review
I am drawn to different calibers and finding brass is sometimes a problem. Glad to see that Starline is one manufacturer that believes in supporting all shooters. This is excellent brass and has been a joy to load. Length is cut to proper length and sizing only needs to be expanded to allow for bullet seating. I can't think of any better brass than this to feed all my handguns. Try it, you'll like it.

Jeff G
Decatur, Texas
October 29, 2012
Product Review
The .41 mag is the biggest reason I started reloading. The price of factory ammo is far too expensive to do a lot of shooting. I really enjoy shooting my S&W M57. I have used Starline brass exclusively with my .41 mag. All of the original brass I bought have been through many reloads without a problem. Buying direct from Starline has saved a good deal of money as well. I highly recomend Starline brass. It is the only brass I buy now.

Charles N Culp
Edgewood,, Maryland
September 18, 2012
Product Review
Longtime fan of the 41 mag, have a smith, 2 rugers and a taurus, the only way I can keep them fed is reloading. Starline brass is as good as any and better than most, and I have yet to have a case crack or fail. I do try to use reasonable loads most of the time, but the redhawk does beg for more power, and starline is up to the challenge, as always.

Phillip Wendt III
Pulaski, AK
September 08, 2012
Product Review
I reload the .41 Magnum for both my Smith & Wesson M58 and Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8" and have been very happy with the Starline Brass. I primarily use a 310 tool and neck size to help from working my brass too much. The OAL of the new Starline brass has been consistent and after repeated reloading with mild hand loads and firm crimp the cases have shown no cracks in the case mouth. I'm very satisfied with Starline and with the high cost of commercial .41 ammunition ($60.00 bx/50+) I would much rather buy 500 cases and reload at my own pace for myself at a power level that suits the situation.