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The 380 Auto, also known as the 9mm Kurz, 9x17mm, or .380 ACP, this cartridge was designed for use in small framed automatic pistols.

  500 for $97.50

  1000 for $171.00

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Jason Thomas
, CO
January 19, 2021
Product Review
Great brass easy to load and reload and very consistent

Joe Leighty
Scottdale, PA
November 06, 2020
Product Review
True Starline quality. Even though this is a small power caliber the quality of the components can make or break the operation of any firearm. This brass is quality through out. Primer pockets are tight and round. The length is uniform and proper length. Cases only need to be expanded and loaded. Finish is superb. This is the finest quality brass for all handguns that is on the market.

Jim Potter
Belchertown, MA
September 09, 2020
Product Review
Excellent brass. Big bang for your buck too! I reloaded 380 auto and 270 Win. and they performed and stood up to the test after 5 reloads each...Stayed within all tolerances....Will definitely keep them on speed dial as I need them. Great company and product!

Scott Kelly
Hemet, California
February 22, 2019
Product Review
Absolutely the best brass you can buy. I use 380acp, 45acp, 38 S&W, 32 S&W, 38 Special, 357 Mag, 45 Colt, 44-40, and 30-30.

Daniel Teebken
TACOMA, Washington
May 17, 2018
Product Review
I have been reloading for about 7 years and always used range brass I picked up. 380 is hard to come by , so I got 1000 pieces. Great brass and I guard it with my life. Same quality as 38 & 357.

Brad Croucher
Mitchell, South Dakota
June 18, 2015
Product Review
When I first came across this brass I was sceptical as it was not what I deemed name brand. I asked more than on for advice and no one gave it a bad report. Don't be shy this is the name brand stuff, Now I want starline and starline only. If your here you have already done the math but just to review Brand name 380 acp $480 plus tax per thousand, I can crank out a thousand in short order (dillon 550) for $245. Not unlike most reloaders It hurts when I don't find all the brass, as far as Starline is concerned it's not the cost, I just don't want to loose the brass.

KEWANEE, Missouri
January 29, 2015
Product Review
Very good brass, will buy again. THANK YOU, EARL

Curt McColm
Crofton, Kentucky
January 16, 2015
Product Review
I've used Starline brass many times over the years, but this is the first batch I ever ordered direct from the source. Fast free shipping and on my doorstep in a couple days. The brightest, prettiest brass I've ever purchased. I'm back to place another order for another caliber. As long as there is Starline brass, I'll be a customer whenever I need new cases.

Bob Lindsay
Atlanta, Georgia
October 20, 2014
Product Review
Have been using this brass for 6 years now and will continue. It is very easy to use and cleans up well in the tumbler.

Steve Douglas
Gray, Tennessee
May 27, 2014
Product Review
I got 1000 pcs of 380 acp and will say without a doubt it's quality brass in every way , no problems at all reloading and holding up well so far after 3 to 4 times in the press! Customer service is excellent

Jim Livingston
Glasgow, Kentucky
May 15, 2014
Product Review
I have used Starline in different calibers and have never had a bad one. I would recommend them for all you reloading needs.

Damon Smith
Universal City, Texas
March 24, 2014
Product Review
Starline is quality brass. It was in spec. and ready to load. I shot 50 rounds in a Sig P238 with no failures. I will recommend Starline brass to anyone that loads their ammunition.

Earl Wilson
Lawton, Oklahoma
July 03, 2013
Product Review
Great brass made really good reloads when you can get it, every time I have checked it is out of stock with no backorder. HELP I need brass

Wayne Hollingshead
Pensacola, Florida
April 25, 2013
Product Review
1st Class Product! Perfect in every way. Great to reload time, and time again. This is the best brass I have found. I will not buy from another company. Thanks!