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The .375 Winchester was brought to the market as a heavy hitting option for Winchester's "Big Bore '94" rifle. This cartridge is a beefed up and shortened version of the .38-55 Winchester and is capable of clean kills on all of North America's big game within its range limitations.

  250 for $160.50

  500 for $310.00

  1000 for $596.50

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Terry Hicks
Ohatchee, AL
October 18, 2022
Product Review
I've had Thompson Center guns in 30/30, 6BRM, 35 Herret, 35-30-30 for years. Then acquired a big bore 375 so was use to reforming 30/30 brass. But when Starline 375 brass became available, I started using the 375 brass to create all those calibers. Much stronger brass than the old 30/30 brass. I also use basic 223, 6.8 and Grendel brass to form 25x45, 6TCU, 7 TCU, 22x42, 6x42, 35x42, 22x39, 6x39, and 9x39 preferring the small rifle primers for accuracy and strength. Thanks Starline for making these options available.

Anthony Dascoli
Midland, PA
February 11, 2022
Product Review
Just acquired a Marlin 375, in the 375 Winchester. Your brass made it possible, for me to actually use it. Starline Brass has to be some of the best brass I have ever used. Great job and craftsmanship were put into your product. Thanks again for helping me have some great memories with a great gun.

Roy Yeager
Flintville, TN
September 11, 2020
Product Review
I was very glad to see SL bring out .375 rather than having to trim the .38-55. It is consistent and usually available. Good stuff.

Keith Wilson
Puyallup, Washington
February 05, 2019
Product Review
I came by this caliber in a round about way. I was intending to buy a single shot rifle in 38-55, even was able to try one out. I kept bouncing back and forth researching loading data between the 38-55 and the 375 Winchester. I set my focus on trying to find the latter. Good luck with that, they are a bit scarce. I have enjoyed owning T/C Encores for sometime; I found a custom barrel maker who had a 26" blue barrel in stock; all coincided with Starline coming out with 375 Winchester brass of their typical first rate quality. I am having a great time working up loads for this fine caliber. Getting very good results and my tests are getting better and more refined all the time.

Thomas Egli
Woodlawn, Tennessee
January 04, 2019
Product Review
I just received my order of 250 375 Wnchester cases.It is beautiful. I can now put my fathers Winchester Big Bore 375 Win to work next deer season here in Tennessee. I'll also use it Hog hunting.All the cases are very consistent in length and weight. Now if you good people at Starline would add 300 Savage and 35 Remington to the lineup life would be great.

Alan Fuller
Melbourne, Florida
September 23, 2018
Product Review
Checked Excellent because ALL other Starline products I've bought have been PERFECT! Starline, call me when the .375 comes available!