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Designed for use in rifles and single action revolvers, this cartridge is making a strong comeback due to the increasing participation in cowboy action shooting. This cartridge can also be formed by experienced cartridge converters into .25-20* and .218 Bee*. And with special forming dies available from RCBS and Lee, you can form a shortened version of the 7.62 Nagant cartridge.

*The SAAMI spec for .25-20 & .218 Bee is smaller at the base than the .32-20 which can cause clearance issues on some rifles.

* Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.

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Claris Hyett
Granite Falls, WA
February 12, 2024
Product Review
This is great brass. I am shooting a .32-20 CPA and .25-20 WCF in Cast Bullet Association or American Single Shot Rifle Association using this brass. The .32-20 CPA is a specialty case for breech-seating .321 diameter bullets. To form .25-20 WCF Brass; 1) deburr inside and outside of neck, 2) Anneal, 3) Form in 25-25 WCF Seater die with the seater plug out, 4) Form in the .25-20 WCF sizing die. I use Imperial Sizing Die Wax or Groom and Clean hair dressing thinly applied on the top half of the case.

David Ball
Cody, WY
December 28, 2023
Product Review
This stuff, like all Starline brass, works great for the intended purpose, in this case, .32-20 brass. Forming to something else, not so much. Add my name to those wanting properly headstamped .25-20 brass. I bought the .32-20 with the intention of forming to .25-20, with dismal results. Annealing didn't work either. Loss rate isn't worth the effort.

pc macdonald
October 07, 2023
Product Review
It can be tricky to convert 32-20 to 25-20 w/o significant case loss. I had troubles, about 40% loss with nickel Starline brass with the original Redding conversion kit. I would start be annealing every case. This is lots easier than people make it out to be. The modest outlay for proper dies, shell holders and temp indicators will pay off for certain - I'm still using the bottle of Tempilaq I bought 35 years ago! Here is an easy way to anneal brass, a text file from my DropBox account: --->>> ~~~~~ See a Redfield Rx for making this conversion (their standard conversion set is lacking?) Here is a link to Redding's custom tech note FOR ME on my DropBox account: --->>>

Greg Parsons
burgin, KY
August 01, 2021
Product Review
I love this brass, and use it in my IHMSA field pistol. But I would love to see some 218 Bee brass, I have tried forming it from the 32-20, but the success rate is not that great for me.

Kenneth Hodgson
Buffalo, NY
January 08, 2021
Product Review
The only time I buy brass from another supplier is when Starline doesn't offer it. There is literally no sane reason to go elsewhere. You can add my name to the list of requests for 25/20. A run of longer 40/65 brass would be great also. Forming it from 45/70 isn't difficult and all BP brass needs to be annealed anyway but the headstamp issue still exists.

Chuck Alford
Charleston, SC
November 12, 2020
Product Review
Recently bought some of this .32-20 for the express purpose of making .25-20. I will add to the crowd who would really, really like to be able to just buy .25-20 brass. It would also be nice to be able to get a "store bought" .257 bullet that replicates the 86 grain flat nose Remington bullet.

Dan Woydick
Troy, MT
January 30, 2020
Product Review
Nice stuff in 32-20. Please please please relook at feasability of producing 25-20. Spotty results reforming from 32-20.

Dan McGuire
Baker City, OR
December 10, 2019
Product Review
Use the 32-20 for cowboy action but sure wish as do many others here wish you would start making 25-20 it would make my reloading life much better.

David DeJong
December 09, 2019
Product Review
Excellent brass! It's not that difficult to convert this brass to 25 20. That's what I do. It's helpful to run the cases through a 32 20 expander die first to make sure all the case mouths are round before you start your step down process.

Don McCabe
Orland, California
January 09, 2019
Product Review
I've been using Starline brass in various calibers for some time now. It is the best out there. Now I need 25-20 caliber brass. As of this writing, it is not available anywhere from anybody. Please add my name to the list of the other shooters that need it.

Eric Eberhardt
Townsend, Montana
January 02, 2019
Product Review
This being the best option I have for my newly inherited 25-20, I'll have to make do... but it would be awesome to have properly head-stamped, no fuss, ready to rock 25-20 brass!!

Joe Franks
Okemah, Oklahoma
December 15, 2018
Product Review
This is excellent 32/20 brass. I use both the nickel and brass and have been pleased with both products. I would be neglectful if I didn't mention that I am having to locate a neck down die to get this to 25/20. I respectfully request a run of 25/20 to allow me easy reloading for my other Marlin 1894CL.

Rob Drummond
HILLSBORO, New Hampshire
November 17, 2018
Product Review
I purchased 500 of these 32-20 and they were great as all of the cases I have purchased from Starline in the past. I plan on purchases more of these but I add my voice to all the others that are requesting you to make a run of 25-20. I would put in an order of 1000 cases if you did a run. Hope you consider making 25-20 in the near future! Thanks, Rob Drummond

Greg Rhineheimer
Nicholasville, Kentucky
November 17, 2018
Product Review
Your brass is top shelf stuff. Going to have to order some 32-20 myself. But please make some 25-20. People everywhere looking for it. Thanks for supporting IHMSA.

Steven Haushahn
Bismarck, Arkansas
September 28, 2018
Product Review
I found that Buffalo Arms sells Starline .32-20 already re-sized to .25-20 and at not a bad price.So I will buy .25-20 from them and all my other brass right here..

Steven Haushahn
Bismarck, Arkansas
September 22, 2018
Product Review
I expect that nearly everybody here asking for .25-20 brass also owns a few silhouette match rifles in .32-20....So we end up with all of our .25-20 and .32-20 cartridges stamped.32-20 and the Starline logo...Just another way to get confused early one morning and end up at a match with the wrong ammo.. Think of it this way, you would be the only manufacturer of .25-20 brass Corner the market.

Dave Simpson
Lodi, California
September 19, 2018
Product Review
Please add me to the 25-20 Win pre-release list for 1000. I'm worn out from resizing your 32-20 brass.......

Johh Mullins
Loudonville, New York
September 08, 2018
Product Review
All of your brass gets five stars,but... I sure wish you would make a run of 25/20. Forming 25/ 20 from your 32/20 is tedious and I would much rather spend my time shooting my Winchester 92. Please make a run of 25/20!!!

Russell Day
Woodway, Washington
August 24, 2018
Product Review
Had to laugh a bit reading some of the comments here, I'm putting in an order because I'm actually interested in your 32-20 because that's what I need. Due to a misunderstanding, this is the second time in a week my name has come across the order desk. For years I had been led to believe my revolver was a .32 S&W Long (It shoots these great all day long, btw) Some recent research proved enlightening, so here I am, putting in an order and also in the market now for a .32 long to accept the really nice 500 shiny new brass I have. Darn, an excuse to buy another gun. I guess I'll throw in a pitch for the poor guys here in case you hadn't noticed before. Would you please consider producing .25-20 and/or .218 Bee? I feel kind of sorry for them, take pity on their souls.

Robert Marcario
Spring Hill, Tennessee
August 02, 2018
Product Review
Great brass! But how about some love for us 25-20 fans? I'll bet you would sell a ton of it as there has been a pent up demand for it for years!

Jack Lambert
Saulsville, West Virginia
July 16, 2018
Product Review
32-20 yes! Great brass! I used in a hi pressure load of H4227 shooting Hunters Pistol Silhouette with no problems & 12 loadings! I prefer you don’t make 25-20 brass, that may slow delivery of 32-20! ??

Dave S
Aitkin, Minnesota
July 10, 2018
Product Review
I own a lot of Starline brass in various calibers, but like all the others here, I need .25-20 and have to make due with forming them from .32-20. It would be really nice if you guys would produce a run of the .25-20 brass. Thanks.

Emory Voydik
Richland, Pennsylvania
May 28, 2018
Product Review
Excellent brass. Holds up to hi pressure “Keith” revolver loads very well. Virtually no signs of fatigue or stretching after multiple loadings.

Rich Hershberger
Goshen, Indiana
May 14, 2018
Product Review
Great brass, but I had to trim all but five to 1.280 length to get a consistent crimp. It was worth the time for the quality of the brass.

Darrell Hix
Knob Noster., Missouri
March 23, 2018
Product Review
Great brass. I need 25-20 like everyone else

John Funk
Fall River Mills, California
March 13, 2018
Product Review
Excellent brass, as usual, but what is really needed as is evident by all the posts is .25-20 brass. This caliber is very popular for NRA Lever Action Silhouette shooting. I know I'v sent in at least 4 posts requesting that caliber. Just can't figure out your reluctance to do so...?

Tom Nothhelfer
Havre, Montana
February 12, 2018
Product Review
Excellent brass, please make 25-20 win.

Mike Blackwell
Rockport, Texas
August 19, 2017
Product Review
Like everyone else...i wish you would make 25-20. I think you'd sell out every production run.

warren gretz
tucson, Arizona
July 19, 2017
Product Review
Make .25-20 cases PLEASE! It is impossible to find!

A Alex
West Lafayette, Indiana
May 08, 2017
Product Review
Always have good luck with your brass. I'm ordering some 32-20 but what I really need is 25-20 WCF and 218 Bee. Like so many other reviewers I respectfully request... Oh who am I kidding, I'm down on both knees begging and pleading for you to make cases in those calipers. It sure seems to me like there is a decent sized demand for those cases that would make it profitable for you to make them. If not, please explain on your website why it not a good idea for you to make them. Everyone would like to know.

Jim L Moser
Orovada, Nevada
January 28, 2017
Product Review
I've been using your excellent Brass for years. This last batch of 32-20 Brass is no exception. I know you are hearing from a lot of other reloaders concerning 218 Bee, 25-20 & 22 Hornet! We all would like to see you bring these Cartridge Cases online! The Market on these small cases is growing in demand and you would benefit greatly if you were to start manufacturing them! Jim

Mike Peters
Kerrville, Texas
January 24, 2017
Product Review
Great brass but just like so many others if you make this in 218 Bee, we will buy it!

Zeno Streletz
Kintnersville, Pennsylvania
December 10, 2016
Product Review
Your brass is as good as brass gets. Wish you would start selling some 25/20 brass. I'm sure you would sell it as fast as you made it. Zeke

Edward Southgate
Minor Hill, Tennessee
October 23, 2016
Product Review
Would buy .218 Bee brass as well as .22 Hornet if you will make it. The demand is there we just need the brass to buy.You make it we will buy it , you can make it easier than I can. Make a big run once a year if nothing else. Thanks . Eddie Southgate

Captain John
Willis, Michigan
October 15, 2016
Product Review
Use this to form 218 Mashburn Bee (it's painful) - would be awesome if you offered 218 Bee brass - fine uniform product!

Roger Harrison
Riverdale, California
October 14, 2016
Product Review
A fine product that worked great in forming 25-20win brass. Please offer 25-20won brass. I know there are a lot of us who still love that old cartridge.

Jay Luc
Erie, Pennsylvania
August 16, 2016
Product Review
I'm also buying this because of a lack of what I really want which is 25-20 win. It sure would be easier to just buy what I need instead of having to form it myself. Please offer 25-20.

Christopher Hussey
San Jose, California
May 19, 2016
Product Review
As 32-20 brass, I am sure this is awesome. I bought it due to the current lack of .218 bee brass. My forming process was probably not ideal, but I had a higher than expected spoilage rate and the brass ends up about .050 short. Pleae offer .218 and/or 25-20 brass.

Trent Fliginger
Rapid City, South Dakota
May 03, 2016
Product Review
Formed perfectly into .218 Mashburn Bee after annealing with RCBS form & trim dies. This is definitely the way to go from now on. Necks might be a little short but should stretch with reloading...

Ross Huber
Gillette, Wyoming
April 07, 2016
Product Review
always had good luck with starline brass,always a better price ,22 hornet, 218 bee and 25-20 would be a great addition

John Mays
Hartman, Arkansas
March 18, 2016
Product Review
Awesome brass for the price. I use it in my 218 bee contender carbine , 32/20 is the parent case. And also my 110 year old marlin 32-20 wcf. Thank you for making great quality product at a affordable price. Please start making this brass for the 218 bee. It would be a great seller for your company.

Ken Hough
Columbia, Missouri
September 23, 2015
Product Review
I have found forming 218 Bee brass from Starline's 32-20 brass to be a very easy procedure and I do not lose any brass as one commentor stated he loses 40% of the brass. I may have one or two cases out of 100 cases not form correctly. Here's a link where I have outlined the procedure I use when forming Starline's 32-20 brass into 218 Bee brass: Keep up the great job Starline! Your products allow me to be able to keep shooting rifles that the ammo manufacturers have left behind.

Chuck Vatnsdal
Concord, California
September 02, 2015
Product Review
Consistently great quality brass. I never yet had a case fail unless due to "OPERATOR ERROR" I've just started a new single shot rifle in this caliber. Purchased a box of 1000 to "set aside" for that rifle, and perhaps another 1000 for the grandkids- I hate to be a nit-picker, but a run of factory 25wcf would be welcomed by many shooter-- Keep up the great work

Ron Cook
Lavina, Montana
August 07, 2015
Product Review
Excellent Brass a little short but works fine but you really need to make 218 Bee brass also .Winchester is the only supplier and everyone is out of stock most of the year.. The price is almost double the 30-30 price. Pleeeese!

Paul Ingram
Takoma, California
July 05, 2015
Product Review
Pity you don't do .218 bee. There is a great demand but a shortage. Why don't you make the brass we want?

Jerry Johnson
sunfish, Kentucky
May 24, 2015
Product Review
all your brass is very good, but if you made 218 bee brass it would be even better for the 218 bee, when forming the 32 20 into 218 bee you will lose close to 40 percent of the brass, but, that is better then not haveing any 218 at all, in my opinion, more people want the 218 then the 32 20, so , why not make the 218 instead of haveing people buy the 32 20 and form it into 218, makes no sence to me, but then again i do not work there

Jerry Johnson
sunfish, Kentucky
May 24, 2015
Product Review
all your brass is very good, but if you made 218 bee brass it would be even better for the 218 bee, when forming the 32 20 into 218 bee you will lose close to 40 percent of the brass, but, that is better then not haveing any 218 at all, in my opinion, more people want the 218 then the 32 20, so , why not make the 218 instead of haveing people buy the 32 20 and form it into 218, makes no sence to me, but then again i do not work there

robert pede
malta, Montana
October 22, 2014
Product Review
nice brass

James Gilligan
Yuma, Arizona
January 12, 2014
Product Review
All your brass is top notch. I wish you carried 25-20.

Alan Atwood
Richardson, Texas
February 26, 2013
Product Review
Extremely uniform and durable.

Charles Hoff
yuma, Arizona
January 16, 2013
Product Review
Best brass available, recommend using the Lee Factory Crimp Die for final loading stage. Same recommendation for Starline 38-40 and 45/70 brass.