6.5 Grendel
Since 1976

Caliber: .308

.308 Winchester "Palma", .308 Winchester Small Rifle
2.002 - 2.009 O.A.L.
The .308 Match is our small primer version of the .308 Winchester case. Many competitive shooters prefer the consistent velocities produced by small rifle primers. Like all of our other small primer rifle cases, we utilize our standard .080" flash hole diameter, as we feel it gives better ignition with slower burning and harder to ignite powders, making it more user friendly than many of the small primer/small flash hole versions of this caliber.

Box Size:
•  250 ($135.00)
•  500 ($256.00)
•  1000 ($484.00)

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.308 Winchester, .308, 7.62mm Nato, 7.62x51mm
2.002 - 2.009 O.A.L.

The venerable .308 Winchester has made quite a name for itself since it was first introduced in 1952. The .308 and its military equivalent, the 7.62x51mm Nato, is a very efficient cartridge that has excellent ballistics, while still being fairly easy on the shoulder. That, and its inherent accuracy have kept it thriving as both a competition and hunting caliber.

Box Size:
•  250 ($116.00)
•  500 ($199.00)
•  1000 ($376.00)

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