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Unprimed Brass Cases

38 Super Comp Brass (Small Pistol or Small Rifle primer)

38 Super Rimless, 38 Comp
0.893 O.A.L.

38 Super Comp Brass: The .38 Super Comp is a heavy duty rimless 38 Super. Similar internal capacity to 38 Super. Designed to enhance feeding reliability in high capacity magazines of competition raceguns chambered for .38 Super. May require minor extractor tuning in some firearms. When using Dillon press .223 shell plate works best where applicable.

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Box of
38 Super Comp Brass

*Starline Brass does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are brass cases only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm.


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Jerwin C of Jacksonville, Florida
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Best money can buy. Excellent competition brass as good as the TJ but slightly cheaper. Very consistent and reliable. I have been using this brass for over 13 years of shooting open division pistols. So strong you'll probably lose it first before the casing shows cracks and when reliability is important, it's a no brainer!

David S of Medina, Ohio
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Been using this brass for a long time; it is superior to standard 38S brass, easy to reload, feeds better in my 38 Super guns.

D L of Salida, Colorado
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Replaced my old 38 Super +P brass with Starline 38 Super Comp, and found these to be superior in durability, quality and load performance. Upon arrival, I measured several cases and found every single one to be 0.893 as advertized. I have never had other brands of 38 Super to come close to the consistency of these. In my ramped, supported barrels, I can easily work loads up to Factory 9x23 Win velocity with complete safety.